Why is it that people wear very distinctive pieces of jewellery?  It is clear that custom jewellery represents a departure from more traditional classic and fantasy jewellery designs. Still, it makes use of many of the same components while responding to different personal taste, character, want and desire.  


Jewellery, and more specifically custom jewellery answers many different needs in many ways for many people.  As an agent of personality custom jewellery confers upon its wearer the characteristic associated with a specific stone.  For example, the ruby, associated with passion, magically makes the person wearing that stone passionate, and so on. As an agent of individualization, the rarity of the stone confers upon its owner the characteristic of being unique. Finally, as an agent of status, custom jewellery and unique design becomes the reflection of status and wealth. 

Custom jewellery can also reflect a sense of style.  Many of these singular designs come as the result of pulling together parts of traditional or classic designs while demonstrating personal creativity and imagination. Combinations of metals, stones, color and settings, to name but a few variables, openly display the very essence of the individual wearing the piece.

Custom jewellery given as a gift can also be, and often is, used to convey unspoken or expressed feeling or sentiment.  Custom wedding bands and engagement rings speak very highly of the feeling between partners and their commitment to each other and the relationship.

Custom jewellery designs are as numerous as the stars every piece having its own meaning and reason for being. Why is it that people wear distinctive pieces of jewellery?  The answer to that question is as unique as each of those people!

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