Security hacks for women living alone

Security hacks for women living alone

Are you a woman living alone? I have few great tips for you on how to feel secure in your home even if there’s no man or anybody else around. 

For most women who live alone, security can be the most pressing concern. But today's technology help women devise solution to address this problem. Here are some simple hacks on how a woman living alone can feel secure even if she's alone.

Know your surroundings. 

Knowing your surroundings and the physical set-up of your home and installing first rate home security locks systems is a must to keep prowlers away. If you're in doubt with your knowledge on how to spot quality security locks, this lock and key specialist online can help you choose what lock system work best for you.  

Use a male voice in your answering machine. 

You can ask your brother or your father’s help for this. Instead of saying ‘you are not home’ say ‘you are unable to pick-up the call’ instead.

If you use mailboxes, use only your initial for your first name and then your last name. Always keep blinds, curtains, windows closed at night.

Use guerilla tactics. 

Deceiving your enemies always work best for you. Use guerrilla tactics by putting on a pair of male dirty shoe on your entrance step, this will fool the would be intruders with the notion of having a male companion.

At times when you need a help of a repairman, use the Mrs. address, it is also good to put some male things around your bathroom or anywhere visible that would resemble male presence.

Install Reliable Locks and Cameras.

And the last but not the least and most important thing to do is to install reliable, durable domestic fast keys locks and wireless security cameras at home. This will enable you to monitor your home even if you are away for work.

Some home security locks and gadgets are easy to install, you don’t need any repairman to bore a hole in your wall to put up this gadget.

So there you have it lovely ladies, securing your homes would actually start with a woman that thinks that personal and private would remain exactly as that.

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