Azalea Hotels and Residences Boracay is more than just your holiday haven in paradise


On April 22, 2017, AirAsia launched the Davao to Caticlan route along with Davao to Clark, Cebu and Palawan. I was one lucky soul I got to join the media familiarization tour to Boracay.  The Davao Media group were billeted at Azalea Hotel and Residences Boracay and I’m sharing with you on this blogpost our holiday haven experience while we were there.

Finding accommodation that equates the value for your money is something everyone in the hotel industry has been working on so hard to accomplish these days. But going way far and beyond the usual grind is something only few are truthful and sincere in carrying out the mantra. Believe when I say, Azalea truly fit the bill.

We arrived early evening at Azalea Boracay. We were met by Mr. Adrian Ramirez, Azalea Hotels and Residences, Group Marketing and Comm Manager, along with his smiling staff, at their spacious ground entrance.

Azalea Boracay Lobby

With its all-white, minimal architecture and well-lit indoors, Azalea Boracay is a picture of chic, modern and easy-going lifestyle accommodation.

The lobby offers a relaxed and carefree atmosphere. I also love the idea that the reception can be approached from all angles, it is less formal and suggests prompt response.

Fruits on the table, thanks a lot Azalea for the warm welcome!

Azalea stands on a 5,700 square meters property with 283 well-appointed and all-suite rooms. We were assigned to stay at the third level, two-bedroom apartment suite. Wowed to see how clean and spacious the suite is considering it has two bedrooms in it. The actual sight is even prettier than the pictures on the website and the brochures; I’m so excited to throw myself at the bed!

I took the master’s bedroom with a king-sized bed and a private toilet and bath.  Ace P. and PenPen took the guestroom also with a king-sized bed, no private T&B though, but there’s a spacious and clean common T&B right outside of their room, just how convenient is that!

My king-sized bed at Azalea Hotels and Residences Boracay

As a full service apartment suite, it has a living, dining and kitchen facilities. The living area has cable TV and a convertible sofa bed. When travelling with friends and family this is definitely a fitting add-on.

The Dining and Kitchen area say it all. It has an electric cooktop, which sadly we were not able to use since we’re dining out all the time. A microwave oven, which we used once to heat ‘lugaw’, a rice cooker, a refrigerator, an electric water kettle, dinnerware set, silverware set and a mini bar. That’s Azalea convenience!

Azalea wants to make sure you have everything you need just like home. Other than the ultra comfortable sheets, fluffy pillows and robes, they also have hairdryer, ironing facility and complete toiletries offered for use. WIFI is also available in every room. 

Up close with Azalea's Dining and Kitchen Facility

Our living room with covertible sofa bed

Master's Bedroom T&B with complete toiletries 

Azalea is located near the main highway at Station 2. You need to take a short walk, passing by other posh hotels and a fast food joint, to reach the famous fine and white sand beach. I love the location, knowing how crowded and loud it can get at the beach line during night time.  

Staying with Azalea gives you that quiet, comfortable and luxurious retreat with a personalized and sincere service one can ever have and will always look for when you're in this island paradise. 

Security is also not an issue, each of us was provided with a room card and an electronic room key that doubles as a bracelet. It’s also waterproof so you can swim without taking it off, perfect for those who have short episodes of memory loss like me 😂😂😂 How smart and stylish!

Azalea's Electronic Room Key
Azalea's Electronic Room Key

Known for their All-Filipino dishes, Kuya J Restaurant, located right at the heart of the hotel, served as a dining spot for the hotel guests and visitors. This is where we had our buffet breakfast the whole time we stayed at Azalea. The food was good, the bread was absolutely perfect! They even made me special ‘lugaw’ and sent food to the room when I was in my lowest. Thanks a lot Kuya J for the kindest gesture. I’ll forever remember it!

Kuya J Restaurant at Azalea Boracay
Kuya J Restaurant at Azalea Boracay

More than anything mentioned above, SINCERE SERVICE BEYOND COMPARE IS EVERYTHING with Azalea.

I could have had a perfect holiday had it not for the trouble in paradise I mentioned in my previous post I’ve gotten myself into. It was our last night in Azalea. I went ahead of my partying Davao and Cebu friends to retire by midnight. I’m an early riser so I thought it was just a normal morning stomach bug I need to address. But my stomach pain  continued on and on and went more than 10 times in a span of 20 minutes, so I thought it’s not my normal way to go anymore. 

So to make my long agony short, I called up my suite-mates, who only answered me ..... hmmmmm...... apparently, they just came in shortly before my incident, mga lashing kaya I only got hmmmmm for an answer, lol. So I called up, Mafe of PR Works whose with us during the whole Boracay trip. Thankfully, she dropped by instantly along with Yen Dreyfus of AirAsia PR. 

Azalea sent their Nurse on duty immediately. Even in daze I can still read the name plate, the manager on duty was there. Shortly after, a doctor and another nurse from Boracay Alert Medical Clinic were already working to insert me an IV. It took them four tries, since I’m already dehydrated and my veins were all sunken. Painful though, but heck it’s a must and I need it. There was a suggestion that I should be admitted to the clinic, but the doctor insisted, I should just stay, no need to bring me to the clinic as I’m gaining colour already. Finally, it subsided after two hours. I had less stomach pains and less bouts to the toilet already, thank God.

Then after all the morning ruckus, I sat down and looked around, and said, wow I had so much people to say thank you to;

Azalea Hotels and Residences Management and Staff, Sir Adrian Ramirez, for the quick and immediate action, beat that! They even brought wheelchair soon after anticipating clinic transfer. Nurse Tina Anario, I’m going to see you again. 

To the ever smiling, courteous and dependable staff of Azalea, Madamu gid nga salamat. To Rod, who bought for me meds and other stuff, thank you gid kaayo. 

By the way, requesting Azalea staff to do errands for you is permitted via the front desk. They just charge a little miscellaneous fee though, but it’s nothing given the added convenience.

To Mafe Barcelo of PRWorks, Mafs, I can’t thank you enough for staying with me. Lord, thank you for the angel in momshie! And Yen Dreyfus for taking care of me and for rebooking our flight. Somewhere down the road we’ll meet again Yen and I always say my thanks to heaven for sending people like you who have the kindest heart, sharing your time to those who need it.

My suite-mates Ace and Pen, thanks a lot buddies for the company.

AirAsia, thank you so much for the wonderful experience. I ended mine with a 'swero' though but all's well that ends well. Human as I am, I know I won't be able to catch all the wonders in the world, but as long as you take people places, we’ll always be right there to chase it! Thank you again for the experience.

Azalea, you were awesome, indeed, you’re a holiday haven in paradise! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Until next time!

PR Works, thanks a lot for having me on the list. I'm forever grateful!

For Bookings and Reservations:
Station 2, Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan
Hotel Truckline: +63 36 288 1144 | +63 998 995 3916

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