Mary Kay: 17 Years Of Enriching Women's Lives in the Philippines

Mary Kay: 17 Years Of Enriching Women's Lives in the Philippines

Ladies, let me begin by sharing with you this quote ....

“There are four kinds of people in this world: Those who make things happen; Those who watch things happen; Those who wonder what happened; Those who don’t know that anything happened!  I knew from a very early age that I wanted to be first on that list.” ― Mary Kay Ash

Coincidentally, before I got invited to attend this event, I happen to skim two of Mary Kay Ash's books - 'Miracles Happen' and 'You Can Have It All' at a local corner bookstore not too long ago. She's one of the most admired woman entrepreneurs in the United States that built a multi-billion dollar beauty company. And it’s inspiring to know that while she had her share of failures along the way yet through it all, indeed, she made things happen.

Mary Kay: 17 Years Of Enriching Women's Lives in the Philippines
Table Set-Up during Mary Kay Interactive Skin Care and Make-up Class 
at Sea Green Cafe, Davao City

It’s overwhelming to know that 53 years after Mary Kay Ash started Mary Kay Cosmetics in Dallas, Texas, USA it skyrocketed to what is now a respected multi-billion dollar beauty company that now operating in 40 countries worldwide. It has also reached the Philippine shores and is now celebrating 17 years of fruitful undertaking in the country with thousands of beauty consultants bearing the core value of not only sharing opportunities to achieve financial freedom, but empowering and enriching the lives of women, making a difference and sharing fun at what they love best, all at the same time.

Mary Kay celebrated its 17 years in the country, which also happens to be the birthday of its visionary founder, Mary Kay Ash. In Davao City, the celebration was made by inviting bloggers and media friends to an intimate interactive skin care and make-up class. The event was facilitated by Mary Kay’s dapper Product Manager, Gian Francis Ruiz and was held at the chic, Sea Green Cafe along Jacinto Extention.

Criscy B. Camacho, Gian Francis Ruiz, Mary Kay Davao City
(left) Criscy B. Camacho, Mary Kay Director For Marketing sharing insights 
on discovering what you love and the beauty benefits Mary Kay products has to offer.

(right) Mr. Gian Francis Ruiz, Mary Kay Product Manager, walked us through an 
interactive skin care regimen using the newest Mary Kay Botanical Effects®.

Joanna Therese "Sobee" C. Duenas Mary Kay Country General Manager
Joanna Therese "Sobee" C. Duenas
Mary Kay Country General Manager

I got to join the pretty table decked with pink roses and Mary Kay products lined up for the demo. We started by picking our own mix-and-match make-up shade at the beauty bar. Sometimes it’s frustrating going to beauty counters at the mall having not able to pick your preferred colour all in one palette. Often, I ended buying two or three of them. I love this mix and match idea, it’s pretty cool, gives you freedom to choose your colour personality.

To be honest, the last time I used a Mary Kay was six months ago. I bought Mineral Pressed Powder from a friend who happened to be a MK Beauty Consultant. I seldom buy Mary Kay products because though they’re one of the best in the market, truth is, they’re really expensive. 

But guess what? Sobee Duenas, Mary Kay Country General Manager has some good news for Davaoenas ... “What happened in the first 16 years was that more Filipinas know and discover Mary Kay. We hear a lot saying, we love Mary Kay, but it’s expensive.  We’ve actually adjusted our prices, now it’s friendlier and affordable. Our dream is that every household in the Philippines will have a Mary Kay product. Our core belief is what makes Mary Kay different from the others, that everything we do is to enrich and empower the lives of women.” 

Sobee Duenas added that, “Mary Kay has a business centre here in Davao, which only shows how confident we are in the city. A huge percentage of our sales are coming from Mindanao and it continues to grow.  We’ve actually increased the number of people who are supporting the business. This is only the beginning; we hope everyone can try the product.”

Mary Kay Make-up Class Davao City
At the Beauty Bar. Mary Kay's mix and match colour palettes.

Mary Kay Make-up Class Davao City
Because kilay is life and Mary Kay Brow Definer Pencil is lifer.... LOL.
Kidding aside, this pencil is a winner. Easy glide, buildable and it's waterproof. 
Now, no worries about disappearing kilays when you go swimming
with this MK brow magic. Sells at P299.

Mary Kay Make-up Class Davao City
Eye Colour Palettes at the Beauty Bar

Mary Kay Make-up Class Davao City
Mary Kay Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick.
It's pigment rich, non-drying gel formula and has 8 bold and stay-true shades.
Sells at P599

Mary Kay Make-up Class Davao City
The easy-to-use Botanical Effects® Skin Care
(L-R) Botanical Effects® Evolution Moisturizing Lotion SPF30 Sunscreen (P799)
Botanical Effects® Evolution Invigorating Scrub (P799)
Botanical Effects® Evolution Cleansing Gel (P699)
Botanical Effects® Evolution Refreshing Toner (P599)
Botanical Effects® Evolution Moisturizing Gel (P699)

These products were formulated using Dragonfruit extracts. A power fruit known for its anti-oxidant properties. Thought I'd only enjoy this fruit made into smoothies but good for us, its now infused into these bottles to bring us refreshingly simple skin care products. How awesome!

Mary Kay Make-up Class Davao City
"I Will" - WomanElanVital

Direct Selling is Mary Kay's Business Model. A time-tested business scheme that ensures good profitability and is meant to support the women that is selling Mary Kay as this is their life. If I may borrow these lines at the back page of the brochure, ... Take charge of your life and join the "I can" Movement today! I think, I will!

Mary Kay Make-up Class Davao City

During the skin care and make-up class, we tried two of the new Botanical Effects® Products - the Cleasing Gel (P299)  that cleans deep, leaves skin soft and supple. It also removes all traces of oil from the skin without drying.  Tried also the Refreshing Toner (P599). I love the clean and sweet scent of this product. Oh, wait, let me correct myself, it's not actually a scent, per Sir Gian Ruiz' explanation, it's the dragonfruit's natural whiff that I'm smelling and I love it!

Mary Kay Make-up Class Davao City
Bloggers and Media friends at Sea Green Cafe.

We ended the event with a sumptuous lunch and as always, Sea Green doesn't disappoint. We had Creamy Alugbati with Crostinni and Salted Vegetable Chips for appetizer. Green Rocket Salad and Lemon Garlic Shrimps and Garlic Black Rice for the main course. Well, chocolates have amazing benefits for the skin, right?.. So we have Dark Chocolate Pudding with Fresh Strawberries and Mangoes to cap our meal, perfect!

It was indeed a fun and fulfilling afternoon. Thank You so much Mary Kay for the experience. Congratulations on your strong, 17 years of empowering and enriching women's lives in the Philippines. If you wish to be one of Mary Kay's growing family of Beauty Consultants in Davao, and want to live with Mary Kay Ash mantra, that is to make things happen; sign up today! Visit;

Ground Floor, Philam Life,
Rizal St., Davao City
Tel # (082) 224 5955 - 56

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