ERP Software Developer for Education / School in Davao City

ERP Software Developer in Davao City

You can only count with your fingers home grown software companies that run a full cycle ERP for Education or School Operation in Davao Region. Most of these are supplied by international software companies that as we all know gives ludicrous contract amounts with over-the-top customization costs. 

Line 24 Software has over 10 years in experience in enterprise resource planning development. Line 24 Software has developed and mastered the trade when it comes to school software information system development.

Line 24 Software has deployed systems that systematically and efficiently facilitated operation based on school policies and parameters. This has not only saved time and money, it has greatly assisted the administration in making sound administrative decisions based on school’s data trends.

Line 24 Software being a custom software company can tailor a module for your specific need. We have developed various modules and have flawlessly integrated it depending on the school’s requirements and policies. On this particular school system the ERP modules include;



The Enrolment Module gathers pertinent data from first-time student enrolee. Second timer’s or old students get to enrol paperless. This will be verified by the Registrar, being the sole records keeper of the school and assign punctuations readable by the Cashier which is the next step.


The Cashiering Module System provides efficient and quick reconciliation with Registrar Record requirements. Once these records are reconciled, payments and notifications are recorded be it first time enrolees, old students, school schedule collection of fees, miscellaneous any other fee schedules required that will be accounted for by the school.


The Accounting/Finance Module gathers financial data from the Cashier. This module will generate report such as ledgers, trial balance data, balance sheets, financial statements and general student account status.


This module is specialized and customized based on school level requirement. Line 24 Software has developed modules for Tertiary, Grade School, Junior High School, Senior High School all K to 12 compliant. All with specific school subject deportments and each teacher provided with dedicated account for encoding.

This Module also communicates with Registrar, Accounting and Cashier for the final printing of grades. Measures are developed and installed to print grade when students are clear and other pertinent notifications when students still have accounts to settle.


This Module gathers and generates reports on employee recruitment, performance reviews, training, professional development, mediation and exit interviews. This module is also critical to monitoring teacher’s performance.

The Payroll Management System is also integrated in this module. This allows easy processing of employee payroll cycle and other pertinent lawful deductions and additions. This module also has a feature that can communicate with banks systems for easy flow of data transfer every payroll cycle.


Line 24 Software’s strong attribute is its capability to walk through with its client. Line 24 Software being a custom software company allows its client name its policy and parameters and from there on code to suit the client’s requirement.

Hence, support comes in variety of levels. From consulting, bug fixes, incident on-site and online resolution, patches, updates and systems upgrade.


We are more than happy to assist you with your software development needs. Call us at 0945 289 9263 | 0932 726 5721 or email us at for a free demonstration. Or visit our website at


  1. It's great to know that you can cater to different needs with the variety of modules you offer. Will recommend to friends who might be needing these services. :)

  2. This is very interesting. Where I work, we had to hire several consultants to get different modules. Good luck to your endeavors. It's impressive really.

  3. This is good that you offer modules that will cater to every business. Will definitely recommend you to my friends. :)

  4. I like that finally there is something now for everyone. All the information needed is at the tip of someone's hands and all they need to do is click. These are the kind of things that need to be developed more and more.

  5. Good to know Davao schools uses this software. I hope other regions could use the ERP Software too. Technology in our education system is way too "primitive" compared to some of our Asian neighbors. - karenT

  6. Davao is always on top of most things. That's great. Having these software can help to streamline the business processing.

  7. This would be very useful to the education system. I admire Davao for using this in their school.

  8. Nice program. Nice to know that you have that already in Davao. Your city is so advanced. I wonder if we have something similar here in Bacolod?

  9. Sounds like a great school. Their programs are interesting. I'm sure there will be a lot of students who would love to enroll here.


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