5 Reasons to Go Camping Without a Tent at Least Once

5 Reasons to Go Camping Without a Tent at Least Once

Have you ever been camping without a tent? It is quite an experience. One that campers should engage in at least once on one of their nature-loving excursions. Still not convinced? Keep reading for a few reasons why you should go camping without a tent once in a while.

The Skyward View is Wow-Worthy 

When you’re lying underneath a blanket of stars, sans light pollution, with the world so quiet, you really get a feel for how small you are in the grand scheme of things. The skies are amazing and bright, which is something every person should see at least once in their lifetime. You might even see a few shooting stars, so get your wishes ready. 

Get Back to Nature 

Camping tent-less allows you to get back to nature in a way that literally grounds you. Studies have shown that being out in nature and feeling the dirt beneath you are soothing to your nerves and calming to your mind. It’s like its own form of meditation, but without the repetition of OM. 

Fresh Air is Good for Your Lungs 

Fresh air is good for you. Simple as that. There is no denying that the fresher air you breathe, the healthier and alive you feel. The oxygen releases feel-good chemicals within your body, allowing you to breathe deep and live in the moment. 

Overcome Your Fears 

Most people are afraid to camp tent-less because of a number of fears, both rational and irrational. While it’s unlikely a monster is going to lumber out of the trees, it’s a slim chance that wildlife might take an interest in your campfire. Which is why you should go to a well-known campsite to overcome your fears. Prepare yourself for rational scares by researching animals in the area and not traveling off on your own. 

Hone Your Camping Expertise 

Going camping without a tent is like getting back to the basics, before there were tents and luxuries to take camping with you. Camping tent-less is one of the ultimate survival methods of preppers, because it hones your expertise of nature and the world around you. You are “naked” to the elements, so you are giving your senses a reason to perk and perfect. Camping without a tent is, basically, a thrilling experience that campers should indulge in at least once in their lifetime. Get back to nature, with the dirt at your back, and live a little. Or, work up to that point by taking a thin tent and a few friends. Invest in an official cornhole game [portable, of course], brush up on your ghost stories, and have some back-to-nature fun with your best pals.

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