Kaizen Davao launches No-To-Body-Shaming Campaign

A Japanese restaurant in Davao has launched a video on social media in support to its No-To-Body-Shaming campaign.

Created by Murphy Caballero and Reham Jamaica Nawang the one-minute video titled “Every Body Loves Kaizen” features four women in different body sizes, relishing the restaurant’s famous  “Duterte Roll” maki.

Kaizen Davao: Japanese Street Dining located along the famed restaurant row in Torres Street, specializes in Japanese fusion dishes inspired by the street diners in Tokyo. 

Posted in its Facebook page the video has garnered 28,000 views with about 110 shares and growing.

“Kaizen Davao supports the campaign for equality and positive-body awareness movement all throughout the globe. We aim to actively participate as socially involved members of the community and tell the world that we support the anti-body shaming campaign, that beauty knows no shape and scale.” Says Melissa Concha Arandia-Zapanta, proprietor of Kaizen.

Body Shaming is the action or practice of humiliating someone by making or making critical comments or gestures about an individual’s body or size. 

The practice has been known to cause low self-esteem on those ridiculed, eating disorders, social anxiety, poor overall health as bodily shamed persons are now ashamed of their natural body functions such as eating, sweating and menstruating.

 “With increasing awareness about body shaming we encourage the community to join us, take a stand  in this call for social change and acceptance.” Zapanta said.

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