5 tips how to keep you from getting bored

5 tips how to keep you from getting bored

Hello there ladies!

I’m beginning to get bored stiff of my routine lately so I thought I should write something about finding remedy to my situation. So I hope this will help you deal with your own boredom too, that if you are.

Here are 5 of my proven tips of how to keep away from getting bored;

Watch television less. 

Too much of the tube feeds restlessness and boredom. It may be difficult in the beginning but you’ll get there. Set aside evening away from the television, instead go to a movie if you have the luxury, play something sporty or talk to a friend.

Change your routine. 

It has been proven that the leading cause of boredom is sticking to a needlessly monotonous work or behaviour pattern. Well, it may save us time, effort and money to stick in our comfort areas doing our usual thing but then again such routine promotes boredom. If you work online, but can’t ditch the dashboard at the moment, browse sites that you don’t usually visit to. Playing online games can be a thrilling and exciting routine detour and let’s you get out of your habitual zone for a while. 

Vary your home setting. 

If you have extras you can hire professionals to redo your home set-up. But if you’re determined to do it on your own, then by all means, proceed. More than a boredom remedy, it is also a good way of shedding some sweat and stretching those muscles.

Approach your job creatively. 

Repetitious chores can not necessarily be boring if you find a way to keep your mind active while engaging with it. You may find a way to shorten your work or find something to make work a lot easier and funnier. Note that we are being creative when we discover that there are innate abilities in us to discover something new.

Cultivate new friendships. 

While we keep and nurture old friendships, it won’t hurt if we cultivate and show interest in other people. When you go to the market, have small talks to the vendors you do not know. In the grocery store, have a little chat with someone in-charge with your favourite laundry powder soap. You’ll be amazed you’ll get a little window of how they live and at some point even pick up life’s other perspective from them. I get to befriend someone from my frequented grocery store and every time they have product promotion, he keeps one for me. Eventually, I knew he live not far from us and since them we became friends.

Bonus tip! Try to see the funny side of life. 

Laughter is the best tonic for boredom so they say. Believe me, the more you laugh, the less bored you’ll ever be.

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