Davao Dining: Blue Post’s Boiling Crabs New on the Menu this February 2018

Blue Post’s Boiling Seafood Indulgence this February 2018

Davao’s home grown and most sought-after seafood restaurant, Blue Post’s Boiling Crabs and Shrimps is coming up with yet another set of mouth-watering dishes as new add-on to their menu starting this February 2018.

For seafood lovers, this is one haven of fresh seafood bounty you shouldn’t miss for the world. I was one lucky earthling I got the first look of what awaits you on this so-many-names-written-on-the-wall resto.

Five new appetizers will be up to relish starting with Fresh Oyster, Grilled Oysters, Grilled Hokkaido Scallops, Garlic Fried Baby Octopus and Crispy Fried Crablets. For the main menu, diners can now enjoy and have delectable options of Grilled Salmon and Garlic Fried Salmon on the menu. How’s that for dinner tonight? 

I know what you're going to ask next. Are the seafoods fresh? Well, banking on the resto’s mantra – guaranteed from sea to table, guests can be assured that all dishes served and cooked are at its freshest straight from the source.

Now join me as we take delight on each of the new dishes offered, let’s start off with ..... 

Fresh Oysters at Boiling Post Boiling Crabs
Fresh Oysters

Is there really a right way to eat fresh oysters? Well, food consumption for me is relative ... so the judgment on how to devour this is yours. But just in case, the best way to down this goodness is to take your fork and detach the oyster meat from the shell. Add a squirt of lemon or a dash of cocktail sauce on it and slurp it down straight from the wide end of the shell and viola!  I did just that but chewed it a little bit as it's good for the stomach.

Oysters are good for the heart you know, they're rich source of Omega-3, zinc and so much more. And according to Scientists, they contain a high level of desire-inducing properties, so yeah, slurp up, get it straight from Blue Post.

Serving size is at 6 pcs. or 12 pcs. and is only available at Blue Post Bajada outlet.

Grilled Oysters at Blue Posts Boiling Crabs
Grilled Oysters

Next on the table, Grilled Oysters. If you can’t take oysters fresh, there’s always an option to get it cooked.  They’re buttered, grilled and just the way I like my oysters to be, I add up a squirt of lemon ... and it’s gone in 5 seconds. Hahaha! Serving size is at 6 pcs. or 12 pcs. and is only available at Davao Bajada outlet.

Grilled Hokkaido Scallops with Garlic Cream Sauce at Blue Post Boiling Crabs
Grilled Hokkaido Scallops with Garlic Cream Sauce

And so our seafood feast continues. These shelled goodness are imported from Japan – and since they are, they’re a little bit pricey but as always you get what you pay for. They're big, juicy, briny sweet and with marshmallowy texture. They're really good. You can always request to tone down a bit the cream sauce so as not to overpower the scallop’s natural flavour.

Per serving is six, big shelled goodness. Highly recommended pick!

Garlic Fried Baby Octopus at Blue Post Boiling Crabs
Garlic Fried Baby Octopus

Another new on the menu is this Garlic Fried Baby Octopus. I felt guilty devouring such tender and delectable creatures, but what can I do? I'm in the food chain loop so my only option here is to indulge. LOL! They're best paired with beer. Next time come with your buddies and enjoy this low-calorie seafood indulgence.

A bucket serves 2-3 persons.

Crispy Fried Crablets at Blue Post Boiling
Crispy Fried Crablets

I so love these fried baby crabs. They're one of those no-waste food servings. How to eat these is simple, you just have to practically chomp-up the baby crabs whole and feel it crackle in your mouth. A good combination of chewy and crispy seafood delight. They're probably one of the best 'pulutans' you can have around. While this is best paired with beer, think about rice and of course - extra rice!

A bucket serves 2-3 persons.

Garlic Fried Salmon  at Blue Post Boiling Crabs
Garlic Fried Salmon

One can never go wrong with Salmon especially when they're adorned with lots of fried garlic like that. So if you're thinking of going seafood all way on your next meal, go for salmon at Blue Post.

Grilled Salmon at Blue Post Boiling Crabs
Grilled Salmon

Last but not least is this salmon grilled in parchment or en papillote style. It's a grilling technique wrapping the fish meat in parchment to seal-in the flavour. This grilling technique brings out the natural oil of the Salmon. If you want a healthier option for your salmon and avoid the cooking oil, this one is perfect for you. 

So there we have it, I hope you'll come visit all of Blue Post Boiling Crabs and Shrimps outlet nationwide. All of these seafood goodness are now serving fresh from sea to your table.

Happy Eating!

(Photos by Blue Post Marketing)

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So this is my Grilled Hokkaido Scallop, they're really good. You don't have to go to Japan for now to indulge in the salinely sweet flavour of this scallop's juicy goodness. They're available right at Blue Posts Boiling. And this is my pricey meal on Valentine's. Thank you Blue Post Boiling Crabs for the Valentine's Treat.

Main: JP Laurel Avenue, 
Davao City, Philippines


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