3 Essential tips on how to control body odour in our active kids.

Kids in Lake Sebu
Kids in Lake Sebu enjoying the view

This side of the world is enjoying summer once again. And while we always enjoy life and its excitement under the heat of the sun, we also are wary about the effects it will bring us to our kids. Sweating is one of the most common incidences our kids go through when the temperature is up and rising. 

Despite the fact that sweating is good for their bodies as it purges toxins out of out it, we cannot deny the actuality that the bacteria brought about by sweating can cause body odour if not taken care of well.

So here are three basic tips on how to control body odour;

PERSONAL CLEANLINESS AND REGULAR BATHING is the first step towards controlling bacterial growth on the skin that will eventually lead to body odour.  Taking a shower is one of the best ways to cleansing. Massaging our kiddo’s skin after bath will encourage flow of natural oils and keep their skin soft and smooth.

For our teens who are often out in the sun playing (I really hope most parents would encourage their children to go out instead of staying indoors and play gadgets) wearing clothes that lets air circulate and perspiration evaporate is the most ideal get-up.

For our lady teens, especially when periods occur during this searing time, there are now specialized under wears with odour-crushing technology that keeps you feeling fresh and dry all day. You may browse Knixteen for more of this break-through underwear technology.

HARNESS SCIENCE INVENTIVENESS and use commercially available products. Deodorants and soaps are two useful and simple kits to controlling body odour. Our grocery shelves are packed with thousands of brands designed for this problem alone. Choose products that are suitable for their age.

EMPLOY NATURAL HOME REMEDIES to combat body odour. My children are sun-loving kids. After an hour or so of biking outside they always come home all sweaty and stinky. What I do is to prepare a dipperful of water and squeeze half a lemon on it, and then splash it on their body after taking the shower. Simple solution to combating body odour. Not just keeping them fresh but keep them naturally smelling good as well.

So there we go mommies, hope I’ve shared you evergreen information on how to prevent body odour in our kids this summer!

Let the summer begin!

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