Dimsum Buffet Every Sunday this March at Marco Polo Davao

PrĂ©cis of Marco Polo Davao March events; 

Dimsum Buffet – Every Sunday Lunch the whole month of March 2018 (Php600nett/pax)
Chinese Merienda Cena – Daily, the whole month of March 2018 (Php600nett)
Chinese Wine Pairing – March 24, 2018, Polo Bistro (Php2,500nett/pax)

Hey foodies out there! If you haven’t planned your dining adventure this March yet, I have an awesome suggestion where to go to for your next tummy-filling and mouth-watering food escapade.

Marco Polo Davao launches yet another Chinese Food Festival this March. And all of their dining outlets will be offering Chinese food delights starting March 4.

At Lotus Court, named the best restaurant by Tatler Philippines, they will be offering Chinese Dimsum Buffet for only Php600 nett per person. Guests will enjoy Lotus Court’s dimsum favorites such as Pork and Shrimp Siomai, Hacao Dumpling, Pork Bun, Pork Xiao Long Bao, Taro Puff, the famous durian Buchi and other assortments of tasty, appetizing and steaming dumpling delights. Dimsum buffet will be available every Sunday Lunch for the whole month of March 2018.

Here's few of my favorites on the cart;

Squid XO Sauce
Low in calorie, high in Omega-3 Squid in XO Sauce. 

Prawn Dumpling
Irresistible Prawn Dumpling

Salted Egg Bun
Oh! So Good Salted Egg Bun

Xiao Long Bao in Cheese, Crab Roe, Spinach and Original varieties

Stuffed Cookies with Sesame Seeds
Stuffed Cookies with Sesame Seeds

Minced Shrimp with Black Sesame Seeds
Minced Shrimp with Black Sesame Seeds

Baked Pork Bun
Baked Pork Bun. 
Baked Chicken Bun is also available for non-pork eaters.

Durian Buchi, Chocolate Buchi  Taro Puff, Egg Tart with White Fungus
And who can't say no to Durian Buchi, Lotus Paste Buchi
Taro Puff and Egg Tart with White Fungus for dessert

Now, for your intimate meetings and snack breaks head off to Lobby Lounge. This cozy lobby resto will now offer Chinese Merienda Cena for only Php600 nett. The elegant three-layered food tray will come with the following delights - a pot of tea, tea sandwiches namely; Mozzarella, Tomato, Pesto Focaccia Bread and Croissant with Brie Cheese, Mango & Raisins Scones, Assorted Dimsum Platter, and Chinese Sweets  like Chilled Mango Sago with Pomelo and Red Bean Buchi.

Merienda Cena set at Marco Polo Davao Lobby Lounge (Php600 nett)
Merienda Cena set at Marco Polo Davao Lobby Lounge (Php600 nett)

And you think your Chinese food adventure at the heart of Davao ends there? Nope, there's more!

On March 24, Polo Bistro, Marco Polo Davao's poolside resto, will be having a Chinese Wine Pairing event. A fine dining set-up that will feature a five-course meal paired with premium branded wines. Reserve a seat now for only Php2,500nett per person. Guests will be served with Organic Roast Duck Mashed Taro And Honey Plum Sauce, Braised Sea Cucumber with Superior Pumpkin Millet Rice Broth, Steamed Tiger Prawn and Minced Scallop with Minced Garlic and Braised Bok Choy, Cocoa and Espresso Lamb Chop with Chickpea Puree, Burnt Eggplant, Olive Oil, Trio Mini Buns served with Hot Sweetened Glutinous Brown Rice with Coconut Milk And Sago. Sounds really exciting!

I encourage you all to spend one fine Sunday with your family and friends sipping tea, talking about just whatever about life while feasting on the innumerable assortment of dimsum and dumplings at Lotus Court. I always have this notion that Dimsum aren’t just delectable and satisfying Chinese delicacies but they’re steamed goodness with rich food history, handcrafted with intricate art, charm and elegance that’s true to its literal meaning “to touch your heart.”

And finally, just a little tip from someone who have been there ... Eat Slowly and joyfully! Savor and appreciate your food. There's nothing like reconnecting best with our Chinese kinfolks than indulging with Chinese food. And note that these delights are always best eaten with tea on the side, ask your waitstaff for a pot!

Xie-Xie Marco Polo Davao for indulging woman-elanvital! 

Lotus Court Culinary and Service Team
Lotus Court Culinary and Service Team

Thanks a bunch Marco Polo Davao for having us!
(Sitting L-R) Lean Daval, Sarah Mama, Marco Polo Davao’s Marketing Manager, 
Vanessa Mabini, Ace Perez and Chito de Castro
(Standing L-R): Maya Padillo, Mike Dakudao, Verna Luga, Jinggoy Salvador, 
Tere Nierva,  Kenneth Ong

For your bookings/inquiries Call;

C.M. Recto Street
Davao City, Philippines
(082) 221 0888

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