How to Plan a Successful Group Vacation

How to Plan a Successful Group Vacation
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A group trip can either be the best travel experience of your life or a living nightmare. It all comes down to the careful planning and organization, as well as a group effort to make sure everything goes swimmingly. If you want to have a smooth and fun experience, learn how to plan a successful group vacation with minimal stress.

Establish a Leader

It’s important that at least one person takes charge when organizing a group trip. Alternatively, different people should be placed in charge of specific arrangements; for instance, one person can book flights, one can find the best accommodation, and another can arrange the airport transfers. Discuss as a group how to plan the trip, which will ensure every box is ticked for a stress-free, fun experience. 

Set a Budget

Different people within the group might have different vacation budgets in their mind. Before you start booking flights and arranging accommodation, sit down together to agree on the trip’s budget and ensure everyone sticks to it. Doing so will mean there are no financial surprises for a member of the group.

Pick the Perfect Accommodation

There will be many different personalities on a group vacation, which is why it’s important everyone has their own space to avoid frustration or conflict. Ensure you select the perfect hotel or rental home at your chosen destination, so everyone has enough freedom to move and can vacation in style for the group’s budget. If you’re heading to a beautiful island, look for beach rentals, or if you’re wanting a city escape, there are many townhouses for you to stay in.

Book Flights Early for the Best Deals

Flight prices can substantially increase the closer it gets to the takeoff date. What’s more, the longer you leave it, the fewer seats that will available on a plane. You must, therefore, aim to book flights as early as possible to ensure you receive the best deal for a group vacation, and it will also ensure there is enough space for every member of the group.

Pre-Plan Activities

With so many different personalities within the group, it’s important to pre-plan activities before you head off on vacation. Browse the best things to do at your destination and make some activity suggestions to the group. For example, while everyone might be happy to book a hop on, hop off tour, others might be less eager to head off on a two day excursion to visit a historical landmark, and might prefer to lounge by the pool. Planning an itinerary in advance can therefore set expectations for the vacation, which can avoid conflict.

Take a Vote

If there are more than ten people going on a five daygroup vacation, the chances are not every member will be able to do everything they want to do during the trip. To prevent arguments from arising, resolve the problem by asking people to take a vote and the majority will win. Alternatively, you could choose to split the group up to ensure a friend doesn’t miss out on an activity. For example, half the group could go to a theme park while the other lounges by the pool.

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