Ballet Philippines II: A Celebration of artistry, grace and finesse

 Ballet Philippines II: A Celebration of artistry, grace and finesse

Davaoenos were treated to an afternoon of skillful artistry, grace and finesse by the country’s premier dance company, Ballet Philippines II on Friday. Ballet Philippines II is composed mostly of strong, young and promising dancers albeit looking so fragile.

The dance company is on national tour they dubbed as Celebration.  Celebration is a repertoire of some of Ballet Philippines’ best-loved dances that pay homage to Filipino history, diversity and talent. It is an exciting and uplifting show that warrants to make the audience  feel proud to be Filipino.

Through these dances they share the experience of live storytelling and cultural entertainment.

BP’s Celebration tour is supported by SM Super Malls and has stop-over in cities like, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Iloilo and Davao.  SM Lanang Premier hosted their Davao performance and has a good turn-out of celebrated audience coming in to watch the show.

Though short a time of a performance, it was well worth it watching dancers gracefully soaring on stage knowing surely what to do next.

Congratulations, Ballet Philippines II!


Ang Sultan, Ballet Phillipines in Davao

Ang Sultan, Ballet Phillipines in Davao
Ang Sultan

The caste system was very much a part of pre-hispanic Filipino society. The ballet tells of the savage consequences when a man from a lower caste falls in love with a princess.

Choreography by Gener Caringal, Music by Lucrecia Kasilag, Costume by Arturo Cruz, Set Design by Monino Duque and Original lighting design by Teddy Hilado. 

Valse Fantasy
Valse Fantasy

A male dancer and five ballerinas dance in a ballet dotted with leaps, turns, beats, entrances and exits. Set to Glinka’s music, Valse Fantasy is pure dancing tailored by the music’s breezy patterns and delightful rhythms.

Restaged by Nonoy Froilan and Adam Sage after Muñeca Aponte, Music by Mikhail Glinka, Original lighting design by Teddy Hilado

 Ballet Philippines II: A Celebration of artistry, grace and finesse
Bungkos Suite

Bungkos Suite is a collection of traditional and popular folk songs reflecting various moods but especially highlighting the playfulness and sense of humor of the Filipino.

Choreography by Alice Reyes, Music: Dahilsa ‘Yo—Mike Velarde Jr. and Fabian Obispo; Chichiritchit—folk song arranged by Lucrecia Kasilag; Dandansoy—Augurio Abeto arranged by Kasilag and Velasco; Manang Biday—Paguio; Telebong—folk song arranged by Obispo.

 Ballet Philippines II: A Celebration of artistry, grace and finesse
Ang Pilya

Set in Laguna circa 1920, Ang Pilya is BP’s Filipino adaptation of the ballet La fillemal gardee (The Unchaperoned Daughter). Mama Simeona is bent on marrying off her daughter, Lisa, to Alan, the son of a wealthy landowner, Don Tomas. But Lisa is already enamored with Kulas, and finds every chance to sneak off with him. With a little help from their friends—and a lot more from a sudden storm—Lisa and Kulasget their happy ending.

Choreography by William Morgan, Music by Louis-Joseph Ferdinand Herold and Peter Ludwig Hertel
Ballet Philippines II in Davao City.
Ballet Philippines II in Davao City.

Names of Performers in no particular order; Jan Mika Villanueva, Karla Santos, Isabel Shy, Ace Polias, RicmarBayoneta, Luigie Barrera, Carlo Padoga, Alyssa Laico, Joanne Tangalin, Gianna Hervas, IdelleBuhia, Bea Agustin, Martina Gallemit, Justine Orande, Mark Balucay, Edgar Lacaba


(Photos from SM Lanang Premier Media Center)

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