Power Of Pen 8: Mindanao Culinary Culture Research and Writing Basics - I won one of the three slots for best essay

I’m thankful I’ve joined this forum.  I was able to see my ADDU professors back when I was still doing my Master’s course.  But more than that is the idea that I got to learn more insights from the authorities in the field of food writing.

I do write about food, but often I feel there’s something lacking about it. I then realize I need to integrate research more on what I write than just a mere description of the food I ate for me to be called to a food writer.

It was humbling to know and learn more about the craft I’ve learn to love, and especially when the one’s sharing ideas are accomplished people - authors, writers, doctors, editors, chefs in the field of research and writing.

I always challenge myself to level up everytime I do my pieces. So when the workshop came telling us to write an essay about food I told myself, ‘at least just be one of the best 10’. I wrote from memory, just the things I can remember about food, my grandmother and how it was being cooked and done. 

When the verdict came, I actually didn't expect to win one of the three slots given for the best essay of the workshop. Thank you.

Read my winning food essay here .... 'My Childhood Aroma'. Thank you.

Power Of Pen 8: Mindanao Culinary Culture Research and Writing Basics

(L-R) Lolita Lacuesta, Ige Ramos, Precy, Ms. Margaux Salcedo, Yours Truly, 
Arnold, Chef Shariff Pendatun III, Ms. Michaela Fenix and Tetta A. Tirona

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