5 of the weirdest museums in the world and where you can find them

Cancun Underwater Museum
Photo Credits: Culture Trip

It’s probably fair to say that the word ‘museum’ doesn’t get many of us overexcited. Whether it be forced visits through school trips or days out with the family that resulted in complete boredom, museums often conjure up bad memories from our time as kids. That’s because museum visits when you were a kid were meant to be educational. It was all about learning about history or nature, looking at a piece of stone that claimed to be an ancient artifact or a stuffed badger in an stuffy old building. There were never any visits to a museum dedicated to toilets, for example. Here are of the five weirdest museums in the world and where you can find them. 

Sulabh International Museum of Toilets 

How much do you know about the evolution of toilets throughout human history? Not much probably, in which case the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets in New Delhi, India can help fill the gaps. It traces the history of the toilet from basic bowls to chamber pots to elaborately designed Victorian toilet seats, going through 4,500 years of toilet history. 

International Cryptozoology Museum 

Cryptozoology is the study of hidden animals and relates to the search for animals whose existence has never been verified such as Bigfoot, the Yeti and the Loch Ness Monster. The International Cryptozoology Museum is located in Portland, Maine and features hair samples, fecal matter and native art that purport to the existence of these mythical creatures. 

Cancun Underwater Museum 

If you’ve ever had the desire to visit an underwater museum which consists of hundreds of submerged statues of cultural and environmental importance, then the Cancun Underwater Museum is for you. You’ll need your snorkeling gear to visit the museum just off the coast of Mexico and you can find out more about this unique destination at Caribbeansbest.Org. 

Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments 

Our ancestors from medieval times dreamt up many strange ideas and devices, none more so than their torture devices. With some, it was obvious how they worked and the effect they would have, such as the guillotine for example. With others, it’s a genuinely head scratching experience to wonder what sort of a sadist could produce such an instrument of torture. You can see them all at the Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments, with over 100 torture devices for you to check out at their museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

Museum of Broken Relationships 

This strange collection can be found in Zagreb, Croatia. People from across the world are encouraged to donate artifacts from previous break ups to the Museum of Broken Relationships as “a chance to overcome an emotional collapse”. It also gives the curators are fantastic collection of items that highlight the many weird and wonderful ways that human beings can express and feel love. There are the obvious artifacts you would expect to find such as rings and Valentines Day gifts mixed in with the not so normal such as a wooden watermelon and pink fluffy handcuffs. It’s those stranger items that prove to be the real draw.

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