Is White or Brown Rice More Acceptable?

Is White or Brown Rice More Acceptable?

There are many mysteries surrounding whether eating rice is a good thing or not. People ask, “Can Rice Make You Fat?” and are curious about the answer. It’s possible that the main concern in the Western world is that rice is eaten mostly with Asian-based food dishes and rarely is part of a Western cuisine, including the USA. With that said, American long-grain rice is popular with a few American food dishes. 

Let’s now examine what the truth is about eating white or brown rice on a regular basis. 

Will Eating White Rice Make You Fat?

White rice has been processed and is not as nutritious as the brown rice alternative. It provides a good supply of some nutrients and plenty of carbohydrates to keep your energy levels up. Consuming white rice fills the stomach well. Indeed, in Eastern cultures, inexpensive diets include plenty of white or sticky white rice with some green leafy vegetables and only a little meat or tofu as a protein source. While Asians in southeast Asia who consume rice several times a day are getting larger in average weight, that’s mainly because of the recent influx of Western diets including burgers, fries and other foods heavy in saturated fats. 

Does Eating White Rice Prevent Weight Loss?

You only have to look at Asian people in southeast Asian countries who consume far more white rice than the West to observe that rice clearly doesn’t make them fat. Most are extremely slim (especially if they don’t try out Western food in restaurants); far slimmer than the average American or European person of a similar age group. 

Ultimately, consumption of a balanced diet that’s not overloaded with too much of any one food group and doesn’t exceed the recommended daily calories is a solid approach to take. Reducing total calories and adding in some light exercise, building up to longer and more vigorous exercise later, is going to make all the difference for any weight loss goals. White rice won’t affect that. 

Will Eating Brown Rice Make You Fat?

Brown rice is unprocessed and naturally contains more nutrients than white rice. The same is true of whole grain pasta, bread, and other ingredients. Switching to brown rice is also beneficial for keeping hunger at bay for longer because this type of rice provides energy to the body at a slower rate.

A small meal including white rice may stop supplying energy a couple of hours later whereas one with brown rice is still feeding small amounts of new energy to power the body after several hours have already passed. This well-known effect when eating brown rice means it’s less likely to contribute to putting on the extra pounds if staying within the daily recommended calories. 

Does Eating Brown Rice Prevent Weight Loss?

A 2014 study from the International Journal of Preventive Medicine indicated that weight loss was slightly better with participants who ate brown rice instead of white rice, but the difference was marginal. Essentially, it helps but not that much. The thing of importance with any diet is not overeating the total calories, keeping fats within reasonable limits, and including some exercise in your day.

Losing weight as a woman isn’t altered when eating more meals that have rice for their carbohydrates potatoes or another alternative carb source. Rice doesn’t go to your hips! Everything in moderation and moving more than before are the things that will far more significantly contribute to any weight loss goal. 

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