The Best Careers in Healthcare For Women

The Best Careers in Healthcare For Women

Healthcare is a huge sector of the workforce, and only recently have women formed an equal presence to men within this sector. Maybe healthcare interests you, but you’re not sure where to head with your career in healthcare. Look no further, as we’ve compiled the top five best careers in healthcare for women.

Respiratory Therapist

A physician is a very broad term encompassing a huge range of roles. Really, there is no medical specialty that is more suited to women; it’s completely up to you. However, being a physician or medical assistant can be an excellent career choice for any woman. Your salary will be medium-high, likely with benefits and a healthy work-life balance. For many women, becoming a doctor is an empowering choice, but it does take a lot of dedication, and oftentimes, a lot of money. That’s why many women choose to become a respiratory therapistbecause the role is more accessible and less demanding. You can find lots of respiratory therapist education programs at

Healthcare Administrator 

Healthcare administrators are highly qualified professionals who work to manage and lead healthcare systems such as hospitals or hospital networks. They play a key role in the healthcare system because not only do they ensure the smooth running of the entire hospital, but they also help the hospital to grow and reach new people in need. It requires a skilled person with knowledge of both healthcare science and business administration. Many women find this an attractive role within the healthcare sector as is combines a love of helping people with the practicalities of management and leadership within a business. This is an excellent option for the modern-day woman with a kind heart.

Speech-Language Pathologist 

Sometimes called speech therapists, speech-language pathologists are professionals who specialize in diagnosing and treating communication and swallowing disorders. Any problem that affects how you speak, talk or swallow, a speech pathologist can help you with. What makes this career path so attractive to so many women is the fact that many SLP’s work from home or work in conjunction with a private clinic, allowing them to have a much more flexible schedule.


Nursing is a classic career for women in healthcare. Nurses arguably form the backbone of the healthcare service, being the patient’s spokesperson, carer, administrator, and helping to relay information between the patient and the rest of the medical team. Nursing appeals to so many women precisely because of this close relationship with patients, whereas becoming a regular physician can sometimes create distance. While this career path is arguably more stressful than others, the rewards taken from it are enough to keep nurses in this profession for decades. 


A radiologist works to create images of the inside of a patient’s body, using X-rays or other high energy radiation. Those working in radiology often choose it over other professions because of its high technicality and relative lack of patient contact. Perfect for the scientist who’s a bit socially anxious.

If you’re a woman considering a career in healthcare, hopefully, this article gave you some ideas of where you could be headed.

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