Davao City: Globe strengthens partnership with University of MIndanao with enhanced Digital Learning

 Davao City: Globe strengthens partnership with University of MIndanao with enhanced Digital Learning

Globe Telecom strengthens its partnership with the University of Mindanao as they enhance the school in their digital learning with Go WiFI and the Digital Thumbprint Program (DTP) to help strengthen students’ digital literacy.

Globe now provides free internet access for 30 minutes to students via GoWifi. This enables the students to stay connected anywhere in the campus.

GoWifi is a public WiFi hotspot service of Globe Telecom available in over 1000 establishments nationwide and open to all networks. GoWiFi supports national development by providing easy to use and cost-effective internet connectivity to multiple users.

“This is only the start of many other programs in the pipeline as Globe continues to fulfill its vision of transforming Philippine schools by introducing world-class learning made possible by technology,” says Derrick Heng, Globe myBusiness Senior Advisor.

 The Digital Thumbprint Program is an advocacy and training program created to help school sunderstand the importance of online security and business models and the impact of being digitally-connected.

 “The introduction of the Digital Thumbprint Program in the University of Mindanao is a testament to the university’s and Globe Telecom’s commitment to equipping our students with the best learnings technology can offer so they can prepare themselves when facing challenges outside the classroom,” Dr. Guillermo Torres Jr., President of University of Mindanao.

 DTP, launched in 2016, was inspired by Optus’ Digital Thumbprint in-school program in Australia. The program is meant to educate the Filipino youth on the importance of responsible digital citizenship through a series of workshops.

 The program also teaches students how technology can aid their future careers and educate students how to critique online information.

 DTP includes four modules conceptualized and designed to increase students’ knowledge of digital citizenship and cyber safety--it involves taking a careful and critical look at kids’ online behavior and helping them develop insights on how the online world can infleunce them in making choices.

The four modules are: 1) Digital Insight--features activities to help students discern proper online behavior to secure their information better; 2) Digital Impact--the module tackles issues on technology’s impact on students’ social activities; 3) Digital Ambition--equip them with skills on using technology to help achieve their life goals; and 4) Digital Discernment--which teaches students how to spot false information online.

The introduction of the Digital Thumbprint Program makes the University of Mindanao part of a growing list of schools nationwide benefitting from the program as Globe aims to create a Globe of Good through digital responsibility and citizenship.

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