AirAsia's Dare To Give Back Viral Video, A Story of Love and Gratitude

AirAsia's Dare To Give Back

AirAsia just released a very heart-warming video about a mother and a son bond. For most Filipinos it’s a relatable online piece that anyone who watches it would surely get a tug at their heartstrings. But for the sake of my readers who aren’t so familiar with Filipino family culture, I’d like to keep you in part with the brief dynamics happening on the clip.

Here's the video entitled Dare To Give Back. It's posted on AirAsia's Facebook page but you still can have the pleasure of viewing it here.

Filipino culture has it that a typical Filipina mother would take care of their children even if they are already adults, this form part of the extended family practice of the Filipinos. Mothers would forgo of their life’s opportunities and chances in lieu of taking care of their children. I really didn’t understand this dynamics until I became a mother myself.

When I graduated from my Master’s program back in the early 2000, I then went to teaching and took on full professorship. But when I was faced with a decision to choose between career and motherhood, I was so torn back then but eventually my maternal along with cultural instinct won. I dropped my career and went full time mothering.

My story may not be of the same story line as on the video, but I think the concept is the same. And I’d like to believe that all mothers in the world are the same, they only differ on circumstances. They would always, at all cost, with no questions think about the welfare of their children.

With all of these sacrifices I made, I’m not asking anything in return. But I hope I made the right decision and the right direction in raising my children. I hope one day, they’ll also give back not necessarily to me, but maybe to anyone they’ve beholden love and honor with. That’s my only prayer.

Thanks a lot AirAsia for sharing a story everyone in this nation can relate to. It’s my prayer that every child will find it in their hearts to appreciate the sacrifices of their parents. Parents won’t normally ask something in return, all they need is a little appreciation of their hard work. For me, flying them to Korea or anywhere else for that matter with their children spending for the trip as what was shown on the video is just a bonus.

Well done, AirAsia... Thank you for sharing this story of love and gratitude.

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