Davao Dining: That stone-grilled Steak at Union Market

Union Market at Azuela Cove, R. Castillo St., Davao City

Union Market at Azuela Cove, R. Castillo St., Davao City

The Davao food scene is becoming more and more exciting with the coming of new resto concepts lately. 

Adding to the list of exciting and ultimate culinary destination is Union Market at Azuela Cove along R. Castillo Street. Union Market is a three-concept restaurant under one quaint-ambianced, relaxed and spacious roof.

This well-lit resto owing to its floor to ceiling windows boasts a pasteleria area where one can have a cup of freshly-brewed coffee (among others) along with the divine varieties of world-class La Rose Noir pastries, cakes and melt-in-your-mouth all-fresh-from-the-oven Croissants. The taperia is where the fine wines, freshly-made delis, best cheeses and tapas from around the world are available for every discerning sophisticated palates. 

While Union Market is still on its soft opening, a quick browse at their menu reveal a varied list of exquisite Spanish-influenced hearty dishes. The stone-grilled steak, a novel way of getting steaks done completes the brasserie idea of the resto.

In a conversation with Chuck Gepaya, Union Market’s Marketing Manager, he revealed that the name Union Market came from an olden world food culture practice where the best food produce are brought in together in one place called the central market. With the resto’s concept of bringing in the best quality food coming from the different markets of the US, South America, Asia and Europe, the name Union Market came to be as purveyor of quality food products here in the city.

So now let’s get to know the real deal at Union Market;

First off the menu, the stone-grilled steak. 

“We want to bring to Davao another food concept that’s different from what we usually have. We introduced the ‘it’s fun to be messy’ idea of Blue Posts Boiling and here at Union Market, we’re going to level it up by introducing the ‘make your own stone-grilled steak’ idea.” Said AA Group of Companies CEO, Anthony Ang.

Stone-grilled Ribeye Steak at Union Market
Stone-grilled Ribeye Steak at Union Market

On a normal dining circumstance, we leave it to the expert hands of the chefs as to how we get our steaks done. At Union Market, steaks are served right on top of a 100 degreeF baked stone plate. Diners will get a free hand how they want their steaks done. I actually find this cooking idea so novel. I usually complain about steaks having charred sides. But with Union Market’s stone-grilled steaks you will have clean, evenly-cooked steak right under your nose. No charred steaks, just tasty meat goodness all the way.

Union Market offers steaks sourced from US-based, Snake River Farms. They’re prime US beef that’s when cooked delivers euphoric flavors with oomph of tenderness and juiciness. A luscious savoury combination, so satisfying in a way that only the pleasure of evenly-grilled flesh can bring. 

The stone-grilled steak concept is the first in Davao. The idea and technology are all imported from Germany. The stone can stay hot - 30 minutes to one hour. 

Stone-grilled Ribeye Steak at Union Market
Stone-grilled Ribeye Steak at Union Market

Among those we tried on the menu;

Sweet Beet and Citrus Salad
Sweet Beet and Citrus Salad

This is one of the complexed-dressed salads I've tried. The secret to getting the best out of this bowl is to mix and pick a bit of everything. The revelation of flavors is everything you'll ever want for a salad. 

Carbonara Fina
Carbonara Fina

When you're craving for not-your-usual carbonara, Union Market's version is a delectable platter fit. The sauce is a savory combo of egg yolk and cream with bacon bits and mushrooms. Just delightful! This serves 2, perfect for sharing.

Callos a la Madrilena
Callos a la Madrilena

I think this is one of the legacies of our 3-decade Spanish colonization - Callos. Union Market's version is a rich and flavorful stew that’s easy and light on the palate. 

Calamares Fritos
Calamares Fritos

You know you're having the real deal when you hear your eating buddy say aaahhhh, uuhhhmm while their mouths are full of Fritos.  😂😂😂 This dish has hit all the right buttons in terms of texture, flavor and color. So, bring in the bottles of beer! 


Life is just too short to say no to the best eats in life, yield my friends! Union Market's Chicharones comes in a crispy and golden brown strips. They have this special technique in deep frying the pork rind to prevent it from curling. The coconut vinegar dip completes the whole orgasmic experience. I'm ruined! 😜😜😜.

There's so much left on the menu to explore, meantime, we capped our dining experience with these platters of divine and impressive desserts.

Union Market is the exclusive outlet in Mindanao of La Rose Noire products. They're the world's leading producer of fine bakery & pastry products with their world-class factory situated in Clark, Pampanga. 

Union Market offers a variety of La Rose Noir sweets like La Rose Noire La Boule Passion, La Rose Noire Cheesecake Petite, the hand-made macaroons and many more. 

La Rose Noire La Boule Passion
La Rose Noire La Boule Passion. 
Best with afternoon tea or coffee.

La Rose Noir Cheesecake Petite
La Rose Noir Cheesecake Petite. 
Best with afternoon tea or coffee and a good company.

Fresh-from-the-oven Croissant
Fresh-from-the-oven Croissant. 

With the emergence of so many all-the-same restaurants in the city, Union Market offers a breath of fresh air to the dining scene in the city. The 'make-your-own-steak' experience is something every Davaoeno shouldn’t miss for the world. 

With the growing community around Azuela Cove - the rise of a hospitality school, a hospital and the most anticipated Azuela Cove township, serving all waking hours of these market is something Union Market plan to do in the coming days. For now Union Market is open daily from 10 AM to 10PM.


Azuela Cove
R. Castillo St., Davao City, Philippines

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