Getaways for the Mind: Ideas to Try

Alona Beach, Bohol, Philippines
Alona Beach, Bohol, Philippines

The best vacation isn’t just one that pampers your body but activates the mind as well. More people are actively seeking holiday destinations that aren’t just about stimulating the body, but also stimulate the mind with great activities, new challenges, and different sensations.

Fortunately, there is a lot you can do if you are looking for a way to refresh the mind while stimulating it at the same time. These next few getaway ideas – and tips on how to enjoy them best – will get you started with planning your own getaway for the mind in no time.

A Racing Weekend

Some activities are so exciting that they stimulate your brain as much as they do your body. Racing is one of those activities, and it is a must-try for sure. Even when you are not a big racing fan, spending a few hours trying to be the fastest around a circuit is a blast.
If you are new to racing, try kart racing. A lot of destinations offer great go-kart racing experience that really pushes you to the limit. In fact, go-kart racing is much more stimulating than renting a super car just for the fun of it.

Weekend with Books

Have you ever visited the local library when on vacation to a new destination? There is actually a lot to enjoy in modern libraries and taking the time to visit one when on vacation can be enlightening nonetheless.

Almost all popular travel destinations have iconic libraries too. The structures are beautiful to admire, and the collection of books and other materials that you can go through is often mind-blowing. To make it even better, some libraries now host classes and activities you will certainly enjoy.


Escape rooms are not only very popular, but they are also very fun and challenging. Some escape rooms are so popular that people from around the world visit them for the experience they offer. The best escape room Baltimore has to offer is one you definitely need to try; you are given 60 minutes to escape. There are puzzles to solve and challenges to overcome as you try to break out of the room (or house) within the given time limit. The experience alone is very stimulating, plus there’s engaging storylines and tricky puzzles to absorb.

Create Something

Creating things is another way to really stimulate the mind. There are lots of reasons why you feel so refreshed after spending some time knitting or doing other things you truly love. The process of creating something is immensely satisfying.

Add a nice trip to a destination you’d love to explore, and that simple act of creating something becomes the perfect getaway for the mind. You can try making your own wine, learning pottery, and even making your own short movie by choosing the right destination.

These are some of the getaway ideas you can try if you want to refresh the mind and stimulate the brain. All you have to do now is plan your next trip, integrate the activity of your choice, and have a lot of fun.

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