National Book Store Book Binge Bazaar in Davao is now open

 National Book Store Book Binge Bazaar in Davao is now open
National Book Store Book Binge Bazaar 
at SMX, SM Lanang Premier

Hello there bookworms and not so friends here in Davao!

National Book Store’s biggest book sale is now open to everyone at Function Room 1 of SMX, SM Lanang Premier. NBS Book Binge Bazaar will run from October 25 to 28, 2018 from 10AM to 10PM.

Latest great reads on paperbacks and hardbacks ranging from non-fiction, fiction, teens, children’s, self-help, lifestyle, travel, fashion, fitness, guidebooks, inspirational, art and many more are up for grabs for rock bottom prices.

National Book Store Book Binge Bazaar in Davao is now open
Rummaging through a lot of books and spending hours reading blurbs 
from one title to another is always a good idea, especially when they're priced this low!

I've been reading my whole life but until now I've never really 
encountered that exact one word to describe the scent of freshly printed books. 
Any idea what it's called? Would appreciate it if you drop by comments below. 

Nurture a culture of reading in your children. They'll definitely bring it when they grow old. With the gadgets you provide them now, it's really kind of a struggle but believe me, it'll pay off. They'll never get bored, they'll ask a lot of questions, they'll have wider perspective of things.

To be honest, even if books are labeled for teens, I won't recommend them to my kids to read unless I read them first and read reviews of book blogger authorities online. The reason is that while they may look harmless on the blurb and titles, some events on the book maybe too graphic when describing  violence and sex. So parents out there, watch out!

National Book Store Book Binge Bazaar in Davao is now open
There's also this section for your little kiddos to rummage on!

National Book Store Book Binge Bazaar in Davao is now open
The stationery section is love. If you're into calligraphy, binge with the 
various writing stuff from different quality brands here!

National Book Store Book Binge Bazaar in Davao is now open
Art Supplies like acrylic paints, metallic watercolors are also available.

Best-selling hardbounds, coffee table books and latest titles on non-fiction 
and lifestyle are prized from P275 to P375 only. What a steal!

Great book titles are available in five price points; P75 being the lowest, P125, P175, P275 and P375. Indeed, NBS Book Binge Bazaar is a happy place to binge great reads at low prices.

Other the thousands of titles available, NBS Book Binge Bazaar also has section for toys, games, stationeries, art supplies in variety of super brands available.

The National Book Store Book Binge Bazaar is a perfect place to shop to gifts to your colleagues, friends and family this coming Christmas. You can’t go wrong with giving them books they can read, keep and treasure for a lifetime.

The best part about book bazaars is finding a book you’re not looking for and gone happy about your lucky find! 

Admission is absolutely FREE! If you’ve hoarded books to last you until the end of this year, join the online discussion and share your hauls using the hashtag #BookBingeBazaar.

You can also share stories on #BookBingeBazaar event page. Or connect with National Book Store online through their;

Facebook event page:

More Photos of NBS #BookBingeBazaar Davao here!

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