Choosing a Hair Color for You

Choosing a Hair Color for You

Hair color comes in many forms. All hair dyes are not created equal. You should find one that is best suited for your hair type. There are many different coloring options available on the market.


If you want to add some color, you should consider a temporary dye. It will give you the chance to test out a new shade. You can experiment and see which one is right for you. Some people use this to put an unusual color in their hair. The color can be quickly removed with a shampoo and wash.


Semi-permanent hair color is used to add a little dimension to your existing color. They don't contain harsh chemicals or ammonia. This color can stay in your hair for about eight washes. Many people use a semi-permanent dye to touch up the color in-between salon visits.


If you want to commit to a color, you can use permanent dye. This type of dye does contain more chemicals than other color products. Since it is permanent, the color can last up to six weeks in your hair. Many people use permanent color to lighten, darken, or tone the hair color.


Color does not have to cover the entire head. Highlights are used to color certain segments of the hair. This process helps to give your hair color more depth. You can use highlights to tone your color as well.

Root Touch Up

If you want to maintain your root color, you can use a root touch up kit. These kits may contain a temporary spray. Some people use this for a quick touch up on the root area.

Hair Bleach

People with black or dark brown hair will need to bleach it for a lighter color. The process to lighten hair is not easy. You cannot go from black to platinum blonde in one process. Bleaching requires several treatments to achieve the desired result. This method can damage the hair as well.

It is easy to find an all natural hair color for your hair. These colors can make your hair look shiny and healthy.

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