How to Make the Most of Your Home Exterior

How to Make the Most of Your Home Exterior

Whether you are selling your home or not, how you present the exterior of your home should not be an afterthought. Many people concentrate their care and attention to the interiors of their home; however, the outside is just as important as the inside. 

The exterior of the home is often only considered before the house is put on the open market, but why go to the trouble of fixing it up only to move out? Your home’s exterior should be optimised to give you a real sense of pride every time you pull up on the driveway and look out from your windows. Not sure where to start? Read on for how to make the most of your home exterior.

The Garden

Often the lawn is the greatest expanse of garden area that you have. You should regularly mow your lawn during the growing season which tends to start in March, depending on where you live. Regularly mowing your lawn not only makes it look manicured and neat but is beneficial to maintain its health as you eliminate pests and remove unwanted debris in the process.

Tip: Lawns can become deficient in nitrogen when you remove the clippings, so make sure that you fertilise it to reintroduce the nutrients.

Pay attention to the edging of your flower beds by redefining their shape through the growing season and beyond. Flowers and shrubs have a habit of infringing the surrounding lawns, driveways, and patios, so make them neat and regularly weed them. Similarly, if you have a garden pond, you need to ensure that you pay careful consideration to what is growing in it. Ponds have a delicate ecosystem that can become unbalanced if too much of a plant is growing in them or the filtration is lacking. You can upgrade your pond’s filtration system with Water Garden products. 

The Home

A lick of paint can transform even the dullest of homes and brighten it up and make it look tidier and more cared for. Looking after the exterior walls, windows, and doors of your home is not only a benefit for its aesthetic appeal but necessary so that you keep up to date with any maintenance that is needed. The key to successfully painting your home’s exterior paintwork lies in the preparation. If a surface is not prepared adequately, the paint has nothing to adhere to. Clean the surfaces, wire brush any mould away and treat any cracks. The surfaces need to be dry from water or treatments that you have applied before you start painting.

It is amazing the amount of organic debris that can collect in your home’s gutters. It makes the ideal growing ground for unsightly weeds, but it can also cause water damage to your home by restricting the ability of the gutters to be able to move collected water. You need to recruit some help when you tackle clearing your gutters so that the ladder is stabilised.

The exterior of your house is the public face of your home. By making the most of how it looks from the curb, gives you the perfect opportunity to identify any maintenance issues that need your attention. A well-maintained home will provide you with a sense of great pride, but also help to protect your greatest asset.

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