5 Practical Shoes Every Woman Should Own

5 Practical Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Hello there ladies! 

Today’s post is all about shoes. I’m not encouraging you to living a Carrie Bradshaw life nor nurture Imeldific tendencies, though a woman can wish for a closet full of shoes, can’t we? But in real terms of living a woman’s life we somehow have to have practical foot weapons and protection in our arsenal.

If you haven’t thought about what type shoes to stock in your shoe closet yet; here are five of the most practical shoes you should own.

Flat Shoes or Sandals

When I get past 35, I practically have stocked my shoe rack with flats of almost all colors of all designs of my favorite shoe brand. This comes upon the realization of putting into consideration the health of my back. Wearing heels can really be a pain, so choosing a pair of footwear that screams comfort and damageless is just a life saver. There can be a thousand designs and brands out there but always choose a pair that’s snug and at least have a guarantee of durability.

Strappy Stilletos

One of the classic pairs every woman should own is a strappy stiletto. Choose a color and design that will fit practically any dress color and design. This way you still can repeat wearing them. Saves you a lot of money.  If you want to explore varied sizes and designs of this suggestion, FSJShoes have a wide range of selection you can binge buy from. When we’re faced with situations like attending formal or important occasions with us having no time to shop around, having a classic staple in your closet will always save you from insanity.

Nude Pumps

Many would suggest to have a black pair or even leopard print shoes on standby. Well, those are always a good idea and a woman can never have too pairs of shoes, can’t they? But I would insist that you too have to have a pair of nude pumps in your racks. You can never go wrong with practical pairs that can match every single outfit there is possible.

Nude Pumps are very versatile shoes. They can come with you from formal to casual events. And just a suggestion, always get half size bigger than your normal size, this trick will save you from blisters.  And always invest and or choose brands that alleviates pain in beauty.


I’d kill for the most comfortable pair of sneakers there is in the shoeland. If you have doubts with all of the above mentioned suggestions I just had, at least don’t pass on me on this one.

There’s nothing more comfortable than wearing a pair of sneakers gallivanting around on your free days. They’re sure fire guaranteed to support your feet and ankle and an assurance of an injury-less ankles.

On casual days, they’re the best footwear to pair your girly sundresses and jeans.

Running Shoes

If you have active lifestyle and or still planning to get into it this 2019, getting a pair of running shoes is a perfect start. Again, given the endless choices of running shoes in the market, I suggest you choose shoes that have ergonomically designed soles. These type of shoes are scientifically-made to reduce pressure on your heel thereby avoid shock on your body and furthermore help alleviate long-term knee, ankle and foot pain.

So there you go! Always believe that good shoes will get us to good places. Until then!

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