Opening 2019 with an appeal to cellphone brands and telcos

Happy New Year everyone!

I’d like to thank you all for keeping tabs of my blog the past year. It was a good year for me, my family's been healthy, our not so little business is doing great despite no marketing at all. God, I now understand why a lot of companies do double books for their business. Because when you reach a certain level of amount in your receipts and you need to pay back the government in a ridiculous amount (at least on our level) you feel like, Jesus-am-I-even-benefiting-from-this dilemma, you really want to flip over covers and avoid taxes.

But the good abiding citizen that we are, we don’t want to get into trouble with BIR at this early stage of our operation. So, as painful as poking needle in the eye, we get to pay what’s due the gov. My only consolation is that, I now have the audacity to whine back at our government whenever I feel they’re not using my taxes right. God, you guys better be, my husband spent sleepless nights earning that money.

Anyway, the reason why I’m making this post is not actually about the ridiculous tax we’re due the BIR this month. It’s actually this appeal I’d like to make to all cellphone brands, manufacturers, telecoms and other stakeholders that put out electronic products out there.

You see, when I did my year-end cleaning this year, I didn’t realize I had accumulated this many electronic junk in my drawers. I know I have all these all along as I refused to throw them in the garbage. Not that I still have lingering feelings for these stuff but because I felt so guilty throwing them knowing they will remain the dumpsite for a long time.

I know these phones contain materials that can still be recycled and at this point it’s beyond my capacity as a user to segregate its small contents. 

It is at this point then that I appeal to the brands of these cellphones, laptops, telcos who commissioned to get all these wifi gadgets manufactured, to institutionalized a year-round retrieval system of the out-moded phones/gadgets they’ve sold out there. These companies have greater and wider capability and knows full well where to send these gadgets who then will do the right process of recycling these materials.

This will start by just simply putting out retrieval boxes in every electronic concept stores and telco counters in the country. Or looking at the bigger picture, perhaps the local government will initiate a drop-off center and will be supported by all these known gadget brands that operate in our locality.

I’d also like to vote-out a reward system if someone will suggest it. I thought this wouldn’t contribute to its sustainability in the future. I just want a project that culls out responsibility from each of the individuals that took part of this modernity.

I gathered fairly a number of outmoded phones in the years I’ve been subscribing to these smartphones. Imagine each one in the whole country having the same number. That’s quite scary!

If you know someplace I could drop these off and lessen my guilt to throwing these in the environment, please let me know.

Thank you for reading and let me know your thoughts about this appeal at the comment box below.
Nothing grand really, just me trying to think of a solution to my (and probably yours) modern dilemma.

Until next time. Thanks for dropping by.

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