What app to use to preview your artwork on the wall?

What app to use to preview your artwork on the wall?
"Charms on acrylic paper"
I'm trying out this WallApp to preview my art on the wall

What app to use to preview your artwork on the wall?

Hello everyone, wazzup?

I’m a real hard work in progress when it comes to this new found hobby of mine. I know I still got a lot of paint jars to go practicing. But just as what veteran artists would say, constant practice is the key and that’s just what I’m doing. Though I just got so little window doing this between closing codes and household chores but still I find this a calming diversion and a real 180 degrees mood shifter.

This is my latest art work, I call it Charms. Geez! Still got to work harder on my foliage strokes but this is what I call my finished job at this point of my humble skill. I’m proud of my little achievement so I tried swagging it up a little bit thinking how it’ll look on the wall, hahaha!

I found this WallApp that’s an add-on on Google Chrome, they also have this website; www.ohmyprints.com you can peruse. It’s simple to use, just have a photograph of your artwork and upload it on this site. There are several templates of house wall locations you can use as sample, but you also can upload your own wall if you want your art previewed with your actual wall location. then, if you’re pleased with the placement result you can download it and viola! 

There are other apps available though, but I need to purchase them. Since I’m still no professional in this arena, this WallApp will do for me for now.

If you know of some applications that are free where starting or novice art enthusiast like me can use, please feel free to let me know in the comment box below.

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