Rooms to Update this 2019

Air Dining Table.
Air Dining Table. 
A well-put combination of glass and wood dining essential.

A new year always inspires people to make a fresh start, and now spring is approaching, the prospect of better, warmer weather and longer days adds to the enthusiasm for improving your life. If you’re feeling inspired, now is a great time to update some of your rooms, before the summer begins and you’re spending time outdoors more often. 

You might have a project in mind, but if not, then look at your home and see where you could make improvements in each room. The priorities in your case will depend on what your home is like, so for some people, it could be the kitchen that’s in need of redoing; for others, the bathroom or bedroom is a more pressing requirement. There are some key considerations for specific rooms that you can use to assess your home:


How old is your mattress? If you’ve had it more than eight years, it’s time to look for a new one. Mattresses are at their best for the first eight or so years, then their effectiveness declines and they lose their supportive capability and start to sag. Many people are guilty of forgetting that a mattress has a shelf-life, and carry on sleeping on old mattresses, wondering why they can’t sleep as well and why they wake up with a backache. Beds can last longer but also become less supportive over time, so check both the bed frame and the mattress, and if either or both are past their best, look for replacements.

Dining room

Dining tables also get kept for years past their best, and although they may serve the purpose, they detract from the room because they’re out of date. Have a look at the designs of modern furniture to see how dated your dining table and chairs have become and the combination of style and comfort that make new designs look good while being comfortable to use. If you’ve still got old furniture like sideboards or display cabinets, you might find that a new dining room table makes the other furniture look a little shabby. Rather than replacing it with new versions, look at different ways you could accommodate the belongings you store in these pieces so you can update the design of the room as a whole.

Kitchens and bathrooms

The success or otherwise of these functional rooms rely on the quality of the units within. Tired old doors in the kitchen and out of date baths and sinks in the bathroom make the whole room look dated, so replacing them might be top of your list. Fortunately, you can get simple designs for a reasonable price if you wish, enabling you to refresh the rooms without too much upheaval. 

When deciding which rooms to update, focus on what will make the most significant difference in your life. If the sight of a faded, out of date couch is annoying you, invest in a new design and you’ll feel much more positive when you come home after work, so make the changes that will most help you feel good about your home.

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