Four Homegrown Restaurants You Should Try When in Davao #DavaoFoodCrawl

Of all the elements of culture, the food I must say is one of the common denominators of every human living on this planet. Anywhere we travel we always look for something new to try other than the usual fare we have at home.

The food scene in my beloved city, Davao has changed tremendously in recent years. Restaurants big and small have been sprouting like mushrooms everywhere, all of them offer gastronomic delights waiting for us to try.

Davao Digital Influencers has recently done a food crawl where we sample food offerings of every homegrown restaurant here in the city. So when you’re in town, here are four of my recommended homegrown food destinations you should try.


This cozy place located in K7 Strip along JP Laurel Avenue just in front of Caltex Station is home to quality specialty cuts of meats from Canada, New Zealand, USA and Brazil. The outlet first just sell quality imported meats to Davaoenos until their customers clamored that they serve also gourmet cuisines knowing that one of the owners, Carmina del-Rosario is an uncompromising gourmand herself as no doubt she can whip dishes that'll truly make every meal in this little resto an experience.

We sampled few of the outlet’s specialties namely, La Bomba, a mashed potato based fried goodness with Brava Sauce and Alloli dip, Jaman Alloli, Chorizo Frito and my favorite, their version of Almondigas that captures every bit of Filipinos sense of taste.

So when you’re in town and want to sample prime cuisines made especially by first-rate chef head over to Mindanao Butchers & Co. Also, if you’re on a hunt of premier quality imported cut meats in the city, Mindanao Butchers & Co. has got everything you need.

Mindanao Butchers & Co.
K7 Strip, JP Laurel Avenue.
(Front of Caltex Station and Azuela Cove)
Lanang, Davao City

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Mindanao Butchers & Co. Almondigas La Bomba Jaman Alloli Chorizo Frito Mindanao Butchers & Co.


Spark Coffee + Crafts is a family owned restaurant. The inspiration comes from the owner's love for arts and crafts. In their quest to wed good food and crafts in one roof, they were able to come up with Spark. A name that enthuses good food, good coffee and inspires your creativity.

Besides great food and coffee, they also sell rare to find craft items and host mini art exhibits of budding artists in the city. They hold creative workshops like calligraphy, painting, polymer clay molding, metal stamping and many more. They have a good list of art workshops starting March 30 to May 10. You may inquire at their social media address below.

Spark Coffee + Crafts also has a function room that accommodates at least 13 people for an intimate business meeting or for a rendezvous for friends to come together and enjoy good food in a private setting. As of press time, the room charges P600/hour but that’s consumable.

Now unto their food.

We sampled few of their bestsellers; Chicken Parmigiana, Beef Salpicao, Frenches, Lasagna, Aglio y Olio Pasta and their summer coolers, Triple Chocolate Sundae, Mango Caramel Sundae, and Banana Sundae.

The Lasagna is the bomb. It’s an orgasmic departure from the usual tangy tomato-based recipe we’re so used to. Theirs is creamy, cheesy and definitely sparks joy with every bite. Highly recommended!

SPARK Coffee + Crafts
Ruby St., Paseo Uno Bldg., Marfori Heights, Davao City
Tel. # (082) 225-1536

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SPARK Coffee + Crafts Beef Salpicao Frenche Lasagna SPARK Coffee + Crafts Chicken Parmigiana Aglio y Olio Pasta Triple Chocolate Sundae Mango Caramel Sundae


When you want a homey, relaxed and chill atmosphere to have some beer, grilled good meats and pizza, Munchtown is the place to be. I’ve been here so many times for their inexpensive yet appetizing pizza.

You get the best deal when you order any of their four pizzas for only P150. They have 3 Cheese Pizza, Mushroom Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza and my all-time favorite, the Hawaiian pizza with lots of pineapple on it. They're really good.

For barkadas who want a nice time after work or after sweldo, this place is perfect for an evening of grilled delights, beers and good company.

So when you’re in town and looking for a nice place to enjoy mouthwatering thin-crust pizza, burgers, grilled goodness and drinks, Munchtown Grill is where you're going to head to.

Munchtown Grill
Torres St., Davao City

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Munchtown Grill Munchtown Grill Munchtown Grill Munchtown Grill Munchtown Grill Munchtown Grill


Taichou Izakaya is one of the little gems when it comes to seeking filling and culturally enrich flavors when you’re in the city. It’s nestled in a small corner along Ponce and Suazo Streets.

The first time I saw this place, it reminded me of that Japanese TV series entitled, Shinya Shokudo. It’s a small 12-seat Izakaya in an alley in Shinjuku where it opens starting midnight to seven in the morning to serve its regulars who are restless, lonely and diners who just want company after a long day at work. The chef called ‘The Master’ only have a minimal menu but he will cook whatever you want so long as the ingredients are available.

Taichou though has a different story but somehow similar in terms of the pub set-up and the chef’s desire to serve their customers with only the best and well-thought of food possible.

Taichou’s owner, Sciann Lindo who is a Japanese food lover himself, traveled to Japan for long to learn their foodways and recreate the same using only the authentic ingredients and similar onerous ways of preparation for every appetizing bowl of ramen they serve.

If the Chicken Karaage and the Tonkotsu Ramen Hakata Style were the measures of flavors for every platter or bowl of ramen they offer on their wooden hanged menu, then definitely everything listed is worth trying for.

I haven’t been to the land of the rising sun yet but this is I think the closest flavor I can get to the authentic Japanese cuisines served in Izakayas in Japan.

They open 6PM until midnight and close on Sundays.

Taichou Izakaya
Lacuesta Bldg. Ponce st. Cor. Suazo st., 
beside 7Eleven, Davao City

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Taichou Izakaya Chicken Karaage Tonkotsu Ramen Hakata Style Taichou Izakaya Taichou Izakaya


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