6 Customizations for your new bathrooms

You deserve a space to unwind after a long day, an area in your home where you can close the door behind you and experience privacy and quiet, if only for a few moments. While numerous locations in your home should exude this immediate calming effect you crave, an ideal place to focus in on is the bathroom.

Today, new home bathrooms don’t just serve a functional purpose but can bring the tranquility into your life that you desire, or maybe need. With just a little bit of planning, your bathroom can go from a space that you jump into as needed to one you look forward to spending time in each morning as you start your day and each night before bed.

Here are six customizations for new home bathrooms we know you’ll want to incorporate into your space.

1. Multiple Showerheads

While some people prefer the rain-style showerheads, this just won’t work for most of us on our busiest days. Who has time to hang out while the water trickles down your back? You’re just trying to get the suds out of your hair so you can make it to work on time.

No, rain-style showerheads are not the best solution for busy weekday mornings, but they can be quite relaxing at the end of a long day or on a leisurely weekend.

The great thing is, you no longer have to compromise. Plan your plumbing so you can add in both the rain showerhead and one with top-notch water pressure right below. Or change things up and go for his and her shower heads, a romantic and efficient option for the master bathroom.

2. Floor-to-Ceiling Tile

Think back to the last time you were at a spa. What did you find relaxing about the space? If it was the clean, uniform look, you can recreate this in your own home, as many are doing in new home bathrooms.

Not sure where to begin? Work with the New Tradition Homes in-house design team to select a neutral color palette. Then choose tiles in various shapes and sizes that complement one another.
Going with a floor-to-ceiling design scheme is both chic and relaxing. Plus, you’ll never need to worry that your space is getting wet.

3. Seamless Shower Entry

Take the spa idea one step further and create a seamless transition between your bathroom and shower. Skip the curtain rings and glass doors. Select an open floor plan instead.

Also, avoid ledges one must step over to get into the shower. Work with your contractor to add in a slight decline so the water naturally gravitates toward the drain, creating a seamless and safer shower entry.

4. Shower Seat & Steam

Again, bring the spa home and add in a shower seat. While you might not sit in the shower right now, wouldn’t it be nice to have that option? It can also make shaving an easier task or even become a private hideaway where you and your partner can share intimate moments in-between crazy days.

A shower seat is also an important element if you plan to spend many years in your home. It will come in handy when your spouse sprains an ankle, during recovery after unexpected surgery, and many years down the lane as you age.

Want to take it one step further? Add in a steaming element. Don’t pay a gym membership just so you can share steam with the company of strangers. Upgrade your bathroom and enjoy one of your own.
Whether you suffer from sinus headaches, catch the common cold, or simply want to clarify your skin, steam offers numerous benefits, and you’ll take advantage of this upgrade more than you might expect.

5. His & Hers Vanity

Sharing a bathroom sink can easily become a point of contention between couples. One person leaves the cap off the toothpaste. Another has too many hair products littering the countertop. Don’t let these become issues. Mitigate them before they arise.

But don’t just stop at double sinks. Take a page out of designs for new home bathrooms and set up opposing vanities. This will allow easy access for each person to get ready without bumping elbows or concern that necessary grooming products have been moved around or tossed out.

It’s important to share your life with your partner, but why share bathroom counter space when there’s an alternative?

6. Touchless Faucet & Built-In Soap Dispenser

If you are a cleaner and even just slightly stressed out by fingerprints on surfaces, then this is a must-have new home bathrooms item.

Never again worry about turning on the faucet only to find it’s still soapy from its last use or get annoyed that it so quickly looks dirty even though it was just cleaned. Opt for a touchless faucet. Just wave your hand and activate your bathroom sink.

Are you more concerned about water temperature than watermarks? Then select the faucet that can be just as easily turned on with a tap from the back of your wrist.

Similarly, soap dispensers can easily become unsightly, as the liquid drips down the side or onto the countertop below and your dirty fingers are touching the same knob over and over. Avoid these sticky situations and choose built-in dispensers instead.

BONUS: Want to really have the relaxing bathroom of your dreams? Then consider also adding in radiant flooring and a heated towel rack. One of the most uncomfortable bathroom scenarios is leaving a warm shower on a cold day. Upgrade to either of these features, and this transition will be a lot less miserable.

There are many ways to improve upon a bathroom and turn it into a relaxing room where you want to spend time each day. The above are just some custom features to consider as you make it your new favorite room in the house.

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