Not-so-serious Wine Dinner with Rutherford Wines at the Deck, Marco Polo Davao


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Right now, I’m still working on a lot of my boos, got loads of work backlogs and whatnots and seems like they keep piling up and to be honest I seriously don’t know when this is going to end. And since I don’t know when’s work going to end, I thought I’d better shift out of my monitors and go out, see people, talk to people and yeah, go dine and wine especially when it’s not so serious one.

Truth be told, my palate is not really adventurous when it comes to wines, probably because wine is not really part of the Filipino culture but I'm teaching my tongue a bit and I'm learning a lot, so I think that's a good start. If we notice, in recent years with all of these restaurants popping here and there, wines got a special page on the menu and what better way to appreciate them than tasting them.

Marco Polo Davao hosted a not-so-serious wine dinner lately and the not-so-serious there is just a relief to hear and guess what? I got a chance to attend. It was held at the Polo Bistro, their stunning resto by the pool. Featured during the event were the exquisite wine lines of Rutherford Ranch Winery from Napa Valley in the USA. 

The event was attended by Daniel Blais, the chief sommelier officer of Vintage Wine Co., the premium Wine Division of Wine Warehouse - the company that distributes Rutherford Ranch wines in the Philippines. Wine Warehouse also imports more than 400 wine brands to the country making it the largest wine distributor in the Philippines.

And as an off-shoot, Wine Depot was created as its retail arm, bringing together over 9,000 wine enthusiasts making it the largest wine and toast club in the Philippines. Wine Depot is also responsible for hosting monthly tasting events and wine dinners such as this one to promote new brands in their growing portfolio.

Also in attendance during the event were Mary Ann Montemayor, Honorary Consul to Hungary, Brett Tolhurst and Wife Hazel Tolhurst of Wine Warehouse, friends from the US Embassy, wine connoisseurs in the city and friends from online and print media.

“The not-so-serious wine dinner will redefine dining experience with a Filipino-themed setting. We will take you to a tour into the colorful world of wines from Rutherford Ranch,” said Marco Polo Davao General Manager Colin Healy.

The sumptuous dinner was prepared by non-other than Marco Polo Davao Executive Chef Alex Destriza and his power culinary team. A whole tuna sashimi counter, gourmet sausages, salads, breads, an exquisite selection of fine artisan cheeses from Malagos to pair with the Rutherford Ranch wines highlight the evening's dinner.

You can never go wrong with good wine and good company in a good place. Ask your server for Rutherford Ranch wines when dining at Marco Polo Davao.  

Colin Owen Healy, Marco Polo Davao General Manager
Colin Owen Healy, Marco Polo Davao General Manager

Daniel Blais, Chief Sommelier Officer, Vintage Wine Co.

Rutherford Ranch Wines  (L) Rutherford Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon (R) Rutherford Ranch Chardonnay
Rutherford Ranch Wines
(L) Rutherford Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon (R) Rutherford Ranch Chardonnay

Rutherford Ranch Wines  (L) Rutherford Ranch Merlot (R) Rutherford Ranch Sauvignon Blanc
Rutherford Ranch Wines
(L) Rutherford Ranch Merlot (R) Rutherford Ranch Sauvignon Blanc

Exquisite variety of Malagos Cheeses, proudly made in Davao
The exquisite selection of Malagos Cheeses, proudly made in Davao

Wine Dinner with Rutherford Wines at the Deck, Marco Polo Davao
(L-R) Yours truly, Ian Ray Garcia of Mindanao Times 
Sara Mama, Marketing Manager, Marco Polo Davao
Vanessa Mabini, Rene Gargallo, F&B Manager Manager, Marco Polo Davao

Wine Dinner with Rutherford Wines at the Deck, Marco Polo Davao
(Standing L-R) Jeline Galagar, Comms Officer, Marco Polo Davao, 
Rene Gargallo, F&B Manager, Marco Polo Davao, Verna Luga and Vanessa Mabini
(Seated L-R) Mary Ann Montemayor, Honorary Consul to Hungary, 
Architects Michael Dakudao and Aimee Aquino

With Chef Alex Destriza of Marco Polo Davao and 
Rutherford Ranch Sauvignon Blanc

Davao City wine connoisseurs during the not-so-serious wine dinner 
at Polo Bistro, Marco Polo Davao.

For your bookings/inquiries Call;

C.M. Recto Street
Davao City, Philippines
(082) 221 0888


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