Why Having A Role Model Is Important

Why Having A Role Model Is Important

Having a role model in life (or even more than one) is extremely important for all kinds of reasons. Without one, life would still be able to be lived, but it could be confusing, and when questions need to be asked, there might be no one to turn to. 

Finding a role model is not something you will necessarily go out and do intentionally, but as you grow up you will come across people, either people that you know or those whose lives you know a lot about, who seem to fit the criteria. Read on to find out why having a role model is important. 

Different Perspective 

Without a role model, you may find that you only ever look at life and the situations and challenges within it from one perspective. Although it might feel right, without another angle to look at things from, you’ll never know for sure. 

A role model will be able to give you that different perspective. If you look at something through their eyes and ask yourself what they would do, then you might be able to see things differently. This could be a celebrity like Madonna, an actor like Anthony Hopkins or a family member you adore and think highly of. 

Something important to remember is that your role model doesn’t even have to be alive. A sporting hero like Roy Halladay, who was ranked highly as one of the greatest pitchers of his time makes for a fantastic role model for any baseball fans striving to be as great as him. Just because they aren’t still alive doesn’t mean that they can’t be inspirational. Some role models will remain an inspiration for thousands of years after their death as it's not about who they are or whether they are still alive but about how they inspire you to be a better person and allow you to see things from a different perspective. 

Same Problems 

It might be that your role model is someone who has struggled with the same problems in life as you have done and come out on the other side in a successful way. This can give you the impetus to keep going and keep trying to work out a way to combat the problems you face, no matter what they are. 

Seeing someone else who is just like you coming through life’s challenges is such a positive thing. Without knowing for sure that the obstacles in front of you can be overcome, they can seem impossible. 

Good Habits 

When  you  have  a  good  role  model to  follow,  you  will  quickly  pick  up  their good habits  too. Habits that a good role model will have include: 
  • Dedication
  • Discipline 
  • Positivity 
  • Self-confidence 
  • Perspective 
  • Compassion 
  • Courage 

These are amazing habits to get into and use in your everyday life and are exactly what you should be looking for in a good role model. 

Learn From Mistakes 

No one is perfect, and that includes any role model you might have in your life. It’s important not to set them up on a pedestal and assume that they can do no wrong – everyone makes mistakes, after all.  
Yet learning from these mistakes is what makes someone a good figure to look up to. Someone who keeps repeating their errors time and again without thinking about how to change and become more successful is not someone you should be following. 

When someone learns from a mistake and then goes on to do well, you can look up to them as a role model, but you can also look at where they went wrong and avoid doing the same. Not only will you learn how to bounce back if something goes wrong, but you’ll be able to completely avoid making specific mistakes as you go

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