Hello there ladies, how are you all today? I’m so happy I’m able to write again today.

This post is special as I am honored to be named this year’s Globe Media Excellence Awards (GMEA) winner. GMEA is Globe Telecoms’s initiative to honor the newsmakers as well as organizations for exemplary work in bringing COVID-19-related issues to the attention of the public via print, broadcast, or digital media.

I truly thank the Lord for this blessing. Thank you also, Globe for this recognition. The past year was truly challenging for me. Even as I write this I am still feeling the uncomfortable feeling of experiencing anxiety. But I know this too shall pass. 

Transitioning into my life’s next phase wasn’t as smooth as what others have experienced. I wrote about it in this blog post, A FILIPINA PERSPECTIVE ON PERIMENOPAUSE: BOUNCING BACK FROM MIDLIFE CHALLENGES AMIDST THE PANDEMIC, in the hope that other women who go through the same experience as I do would find inspiration, an ally in me, and forewarned them that somewhere down the road there’ll be days like this if they're not lucky enough.

Again, thank you so much Globe for this recognition.

Here's what Globe execs have to say about this initiative,

“Even with the challenges that 2020 gave us, we are grateful to you for demonstrating purposeful reporting. The newsroom has significantly evolved. It is now in the palm of your hands. As we continue to work towards one digital nation, we are allies in connecting Filipinos, arming them with quality news and information to help them better understand what is happening around us and ultimately improve their lives,” Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu told the newsmakers during the GMEA online awarding ceremonies which gathered all the judges, screeners, and participants in one big digital venue for the first time.   The event may be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/GlobeIcon .

To this, Globe SVP for Corporate Affairs Yoly Crisanto added: “Much like our doctors and nurses who we call our frontliners, newsmakers have also been given a tall order and that is the responsibility to continue to deliver accurate and timely news updates to their readers and followers. We salute you for fulfilling your duties unfailingly despite the pandemic disrupting our way of life and forcing us to adjust in order to function.”

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