Trip to Angel Hills Coffee Farm and Tres Andanas Falls in Keytodac, Lebak, Sultan Kudarat


Tres Andanas Falls, New Calinog, Lebak, Sultan Kudarat
Tres Andanas Falls, New Calinog, Lebak, Sultan Kudarat

On Holy Week in the Philippines, my husband and I decided to visit our coffee farm in Sultan Kudarat. It’s my parents who looked after it and manage some farm whatnots since we’re based in Davao City. So we drove from Davao City to Lebak, Sultan Kudarat for 7 hours. The good thing is that the long and winding road is fully concrete and the drive was just a breeze.

Our coffee farm is located in Keytodac, Lebak, Sultan Kudarat. It’s still an hour's drive on a rocky road from the barrio of Basak. It’s a good decision we bought a Navara. A reliable vehicle for this kind of terrain. But halfway while on the rough road we already thought of upgrading it to 4x4 the next time we’re heading up there as the road is not cemented yet. But that remains to be seen, hehehe.

Angel Hills Coffee Farm, Keytodac, Lebak, Sultan Kudarat
Angel Hills Coffee Farm, Keytodac, Lebak, Sultan Kudarat

Times like this I’d always thought of coming back and maybe running for Barangay Kapitan, LOL. Not to belittle these peeps in the mountains but sometimes, people who knew people and have the ability to push things out of the box are what these mountain places need. But in the hindsight, it’s a good thing as people in the mountains are protected from the corruption of the outside world. Just my two-cent thoughts anyway, nothing serious.

Just happy to see what we’ve planted 12 years ago has now served us well. We’re now harvesting red beans and earning from it. Not to mention a whole year's supply of good quality coffee that we know where it came from. I’m also elated to know that coffee growers in Keytodac have now a cooperative backed by various inter-government and non-government entities for the sole purpose of supporting the coffee farmers.

I’m writing more about Keytodac Coffee Growers, Inc. in the future.  Starbucks showed interest in purchasing all the produce on the next harvest. I affirm the realization of this plan. In God’s perfect time. If this interests you, you may visit their FB page here;

It was a good day when we visit the farm. Upon assessment, we decided to expand it and do intercropping with hardwoods and maybe cultivate another farm just for the Philippine native hardwood trees. Best to have some fallbacks when we retire, right?

Another day was also spent grounding in nature. From barrio Keytodac we made a trip of around 30 minutes drive on a rough road to another barrio called New Calinog where the majestic Tres Andanas Falls is located.

It’s rather far but yeah, there’s no adventure with just staying in the backyard, got to travel somewhere to be in adventure mode.

It’s a beautiful place. Nature at its finest.

Then time flies so fast, have to return to the city. Ever grateful and happy for this opportunity to breathe fresh air. Until next time.

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