I have been so full with my offline schedules lately thus the sparse update, anyway I have one more syllabus to do though but I have to slip this one just so I can have some fill ins.

I have been reading this book by Sue Augustine – Sanity Secrets for Stressed-Out Women. So many sticky notes I made, it’s really a good read for stress-out moms like me. I know stresses are different for everyone as factors vary one person to another. With my heavy schedules I know my back aches, I know my muscle stiff, I know I have angry outburst, at times heartburn and my most hated symptom which cost me a lot of money for the derma are my pimples, goosh! They’re sprouting like mushrooms all over my back ….

According to Sue if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t be fooled, do not nurture a habit of number 1- camouflaging or numbing your symptoms with medication, which I did, number 2- indulge yourself in alcohol …. Oh, I cannot afford this as I have to cook in the morning and fetch my children at school it will be too stressful already, number 3- sugar …. Ouch the cake and the Coke … apologies for my indulgence, number 4-caffeine, geeeh! This is a habit I cannot break, number 5-Shopping … I’m proud to say I’m quite successful in cutting off this vice, I have all my credit cards cut-off, I just left a debit card, for some online transactions, it’s all the more stressful paying those bills after all the spree has done, number 6-insomia ….. ahhhh. I hate experiencing this feeling; it sucks… the outcome spills-out my back and my face… hate to see those pimples popping.

Take heed of all these symptoms, not tomorrow but now, it might cost you more.

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