I really love Thursdays, it give me reason to update this blog, and I’m joining today’s Girls Talk at Niko’s on Food I choose first on a buffet.

I maybe weird, pero inuuna ko talagang kunin yung dessert, reason – is that when I finish my main course and I’ll get back to the dessert lane sometimes the one’s (normally sinful desserts) that I coveted to eat the most – naubos na, and oftentimes the refill is not the same as the previous it would be another set. ….Tipung sigurista na takot maubusan, buffet naman…. Nyahahaha!

OK lang kung ang buffet set-up nasa bahay, I can take my time, but if it’s on a resto, lugi ako, ewan ko ba ang liit siguro ng balon-balonan ko’t madali akong mabusog, kaya sayang yung P400++ na buffet, tapos konti lang yung makain ko. …. Tapos may rules pa … ‘no sharing of food, leftovers will be charged double.’ …. Anyway, thanks for reading some piece of a woman’s thought.

PS …. A buffet is a system of serving meals in which food is placed in a public area where the diners generally serve themselves. It is a popular method for feeding a large number of people with minimal staff. (Courtesy of

Sa Pilipinas …… EAT ALL YOU CAN….. nyahihihi!

See you again.

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