I stumble on this blog Fashion and Style Statement while casually surfing around. I got interested reading on this article and I quote;

“When a woman wears a corset, she develops a delightful sense of empowerment! It allows her the freedom to express the sensual and creative part of herself that may not be visible if she wore anything else!
Corset is liberating women in India, creating a new fantasy of the female form. It has been worn by women in royal Indian families, for a flat stomach and to enhance your assets. It empowers feminine sexuality. A corset does exactly that for them, it exaggerates the magic ratio of waist to hips, which is very sexy at a basic level ………. Every woman looks super sexy in a corset. It’s the most feminine piece of clothing. It’s liberating to be a woman and be seen in a corset…………………They're so feminine and sensual. I love to wear an embroidered corset for a party, but for a casual lunch, something more is always so understated and cool."

I always respect anyone’s opinion, I won’t argue with the author’s point of view as she is to a great extent entitled to it …. I quoted this article just for the sake of argument ……

Dang! …. How can squeezing a woman’s body to conform to a fashionable silhouette, a form of liberation? I maybe had taken a generous dose of feminist inkling to peeking at woman’s fashion… but I just can’t get it why the fashion industry has to pick on women to be gripped. Men also were known to be wearing corsets but not as widespread as women.

For the sake of definition; A corset is a garment worn to mold and shape the torso into a desired shape for aesthetic or medical purposes (either for the duration of wearing it, or with a more lasting effect).

Most frequently women use corset to emphasize or induce a curvy figure, reducing the waist, and thereby exaggerating the bust and hips. Not to mention the medical disadvantages of it. Although in the some periods, corsets have been worn to achieve a tubular straight-up-and-down shape, which involves minimizing the bust and hips, this did not thrive and favored the former.

But going back to my former strand of mind, I don’t think this is liberating, this is another fashion of women subjugation disguised as trendy and chic exploitation of feminine sexuality.

Says Pooja Bedi, "It's the most sexually exciting garment. I like to wear my corset below the belly button, with a zipper. They're so feminine and sensual …

Reading between the lines, the message is clear that from the Victorian time and as of writing time, this form of women suppression by means of her sexuality still flourish and will continue to…. So long as I desire to have that Kate Moss waif-look…. Who does not…. Geez! (Photo Not Mine)


  1. its not cheap to have corset, my friend told me it cost over $5K.

  2. @ sherry... so true sis...I just read it from a mag just now.... thanks for dropping by.

  3. yeah my friend told me it keeps in her in good shape even though after having 3 kids. sad is that its too expensive for me.

  4. yes i know it really works ate vernz but i think i can't bear wearing it since its too tight and too warm inside.

  5. Ha, ha, ha!!! It's really NOT liberating; it's SQUEEZING the life out of you.

  6. @ sherry, it's good if not too tight, or for medical purposes but for the sake of fashion a woman is gripped, that's another story.. thanks she for dropping by..

  7. @ kayce, so true, guot di ko kaginhawa pud ... hehehe.

  8. @ CArmen, so true, I agree, thanks Carmen for the drop.

  9. I think corset may enhance the charm of the beautiful figure. I really enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for the sharing.


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