Hahahah, huhuhuu… kaloka… ano ba tong topic na to, how can I love me mentally when as of writing I’m out of my mind, LOL! May humihila sa damit ko, may nagriring na telepono, nagpapaturo ng assignment …. Waaaahhhhh, can’t concentrate on blogging… hahahah!

Anyway, I’m in order now … first on the agenda …. Do I love me mentally? Of Course, with conviction, kompormi sa kausap …. Opppsss, sounds like I’m still not, let’s try again ….

Let me categorize my answer, LOL!

Education wise, from prep to grade school, I’m proud to say I’m a consistent honor pupil, but when I reached high school, I can remember my mom cried a river in front of our principal not to sent me home … yaks, nakakahiya talaga ako nun, I was punished to do community service for trying marijuana at the girls dormitory … marami naman kami ang saya Teh…. I spent 5 years in college that includes my shifting and dropping of courses and finished BSDevCom, di nga lang Cum Laude. Masters? Straight 1.0 stude. 46 units. Done.

The true state of my mental address … somewhere between sane and insane.

But seriously, on a larger picture, every SAHM have their share of sanity and insanity, both objective and subjective, especially we women are vulnerable to these circumstances for the obvious reason that we have our imbalances every month, and I see more of these when we get to the point of hot flashes and mood swings. I hope GT will still be there as our venue to air our rants and raves on our whys, whats, hows and everything along that line.

We are not machines that are as good only as the wo/men who operates them, but we are women driven with complex feelings, attitudes, circumstances and above all our emotions, fluctuating like our electricity now …. LOL!

But on a more personal level, living with in laws is one of the most excruciating experience a woman can go through; marrying an unico hijo is another one. We move in my MIL’s house after my FIL died in 2000, since my husband is the only begotten son, he has to take responsibility over his family’s concern, I wonder why he said that when he only has his mother left, no sisters no brothers. We had a major fight then, letting your husband choose between his mother and his family of procreation was the most crazy thing I have ever done, and deciding not to build a house of our own and inherit this house set on a 700sqm lot is the most erroneous decision I have ever made, I’d rather have a nipa hut. But I accepted it with tears in my eyes. I guess I’ll be stuck in this situation forever not unless I decide to leave and live on my own or wait for my MIL to finally bid goodbye in this world, (this just show we’re not in good terms with my MIL) but gee, why do mothers have that so much attachment with our children. I can’t drag my children to suffer with me …. When I see them sleeping at night, I’m sorry are the words that often comes out of my mouth, well, I’ve no suicidal instinct, I’m still sane not to end my life that way, I want mine to be quick and painless. LOL!

So there, ang haba na Teh….

Do I love me mentally, I’m not sure.


  1. I hope there still a chance to get along with your MIL but I feel for you, nd nga lang MIL kundi my own sisters kaya nga bahala na makulbaan ko kada gabii kay kami lang sa akong mga anak dinhi sa ako girentahan na balay basta kay sulo namo ang balay ug walay lain mangealam. Haist buhay, pero sayang to ako baya to hinaguan na balay ako na lang gi turn over sa ilaha oi

  2. sis..get to know you better. yeah I know it will be hard for my dear to choose between his mom and me, I know he wont choose as he want both!

  3. Medyo makarelate ko Vernz.Nakipuyo lang pud mi karon sa akong in-laws kay sakitin ang anak ko, di pwedeng ibilin lang sa katabang the whole day while me and hubby are at work. Though we are in good terms, pero I still long for the days that we are on our own living on our own house. Sarap parin ang buhay pag ikaw talaga ang reyna:).Living with my inlaws was really a huge adjustment for me.I got my own house when I was still single, lived alone for 3 years before I got married.So, hirap ang adjustment na makitira sa ibang bahay under their own rules.

  4. read mine

  5. Natuwa ako sa early parts ng post mo, pero sa end medyo nalungkot ako. Mahirap talaga makipisan sa inlaws... pero tatag lang. Kaya mo yan. I hope you and your MIL will get along.

    My GT Post is up HERE.

  6. I can't merely say anything Sis Vernz, I don't know its just that maybe because I don't know the feeling of having a MIL ( I haven't married yet hihi)I just hope that every thing will end up fine and happy on both parties. God Bless

    Happy Girls Talk

  7. Hi ate Vernz! kakaloka jud imo post dah.. nalingaw ko basa.. cool ka lang ate.. basi hapit na pud and adlaw sa imo MIL hehehe (joke ra ha)

    See yah! mwah!

  8. Hahahha, kakatuwa ang beginning mo ate ha! pero pagbabasa ko na i know you more! Ano kaya ang feeling may MIL, wala pa akong maishare dyan! Kaya nga now nagplan ako pakasal, we decided walang titira malapit sa parents , hahahaha!Di ako sanay malapit sa parents ko, how much more PIL.!

    Hope thing gets better for you ate!Happy GT

  9. me too, im still single and i dont want to have a MIL like the 1 u hav ryt now ^_~

  10. glad to know more about you te...ehehhe....nag maryjane ka pala dati...hehehe!

    waaaa...d day mo mag get along ni MIL? glad I don't have problems with my inlaws...sayang nga ala na yung MIL ko...thanks for sharing te!

  11. kaloka nga. hahaha! naku ayan talaga ang problema karaniwan ng mag-asawa. ang mga byenan. LOL. andami-dami ko natutunan dito sa entry mo ate. niahaha! pero ayun, i love it when you said:

    "I hope GT will still be there as our venue to air our rants and raves on our whys, whats, hows and everything along that line."

    i promise to keep GT going. i need this weekly meme too, to keep me sane :)

  12. mahirap pala talaga makisama sa MIL minsa..buti nalang ako ngsasama lang kami ng MIL online hahahaha...we are emailing each other lang...

  13. o parang istorya sa telenobela yan ah hahaha, me I never experienced living w/ the in-laws, sk ang nanay ko kc naipasok na agad sa utak ko na wag papaunder sa biyenan hehehe. anyways, my P-I-L are both in heaven now and all I can say they were very good to me and my children, and I never had any problem w/ them.. good luck n lang! :)

  14. Hmm, one reason din pala yan to be grateful na ndi only child si hubby. At least madali ko syang nahila palayo sa mga in-laws! hehehe But now we're back sa house nila although kami lang ang nakatira dito super lapit pa rin ng relatives nya. Hay naku, sometimes I just imagine what I would feel if I were old na and my daughter-in-law hates me and then I try harder to be nice. haha

  15. When I stared reading your entry I was like: "Oh noes, I'm not gonna be able to understand this..." But luckily you got back to English later so yay! I also hope GT will always be there for us to ventile :) You are so right about women going crazy, especially during our monthly thingy, but we still love us, right? <3

    Have a nice weekend dearie :)

  16. its really hard to live under one roof with your MIL, I had my own share of experience too...

    just hold on and pray about it. I am sure God will show you what you need to do :)


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