SPILL-OVER: This is just some lines of clarification from last week’s GT, a friend emailed me as she was bothered by what I’ve written. OK, just to satisfy a cat’s curiosity here, when I say I worship the rivers, the mountains …etc, it’s a metaphoric note signifying a respect not just for humans but for nature as well, a deep ecologic perspective that we humans do not just exist alone but we co-exist with nature, thus spirituality doesn’t only focus on times you kneel-walk from church door to the altar but a profound relationship with what’s around you.

Anyway, how can this talk be so cerebral? This week’s Girl’s Talk is about emotions … emotera naman talaga ako …. waaahhhh, … I said I wasn’t sure about my mental state the last time, but realizing I’m able to handle all the things I’ve been through, It made me think I’m mentally healthy, thus putting closure to that issue, hahahaha… I’m mentally sound that’s for sure. Seryoso?

This meme really gives me a reason every week to dig deep into a woman’s being. Even writing this alone requires me lot of emotions to give details to what I feel and what I think, who am I, and what I'm made of.

There are countless types of emotions a woman can experience throughout her lifetime, happy, sad, anger, anxiety etc, etc… but what is important is our ability to handle situations at hand, and I’m proudest, though at times I still retain that child in me, I have matured emotionally, ripened by pains and pleasures that if I look back and think about what happened, I asked myself, How did you do that? But here are some bullet points I figured out to get over some emotional downtimes.
1. Thanks to GT – vent your emotions here
2. I used to be a worrywart – come-on ladies, nobody gets out of this planet alive, stop worrying.
3. Give yourself a permission to cry when things get murky, I do this under a shower and a loud music … note to parents, if your children are hurt and are crying let them be its an outlet.

Life is a work in progress, you would never know what will happen next, even if you plan it, there are workings beyond our control, and this where we are tested both mentally and emotionally, but getting out of that mess or winning emotional and mental battles only happens when our soul, mind, body and emotions are aligned.

I wanted to write this in a fun and comic way, but it turned out this way …. Hahaha! Thanks Ladies for dropping by. See you next week for another round of GT hosted by K at Beauty Queen Gene.


  1. teacher na teacher ka talaga Sis Vernz hihi.. Talgang you have sited pa different types of feelings, and i love it... thanks for knocking my head for this.. hihi

    Happy Girls Talk

  2. Ako rin,nauntog sa sinabi mo lol!I love your post,nagising ako lol!

  3. sis mine is up at

    I can be very emotional if my dear not pay attention to me.

  4. haha, mz.vernz... mahirap ang emotional eating once nandun k na hirap pigilan... but im glad i made it and promise q n never q n gagawin ulet yun... ang hirap kaya mag diet...

    Happy GT

  5. What you shared is very true, especially on keeping our inner child and life as a process. It will always be a journey of things to learn and our emotions plays as one of the major roles.

  6. What a beautiful and an enlightening entry. Yes,we are all worrywarts. But there is more to life than worries. I like your entry.

  7. Naku yang worrying na yan... isa yan sa mga dapat kong i-let go. :)

    My GT post is up HERE.

  8. lahat nga ata ng girls emo, hihi.. natural na talaga sa tin yan.. :) you're right, basta kaya natin i handle lahat ng bagay at nasa tama

  9. youre right with no wrong Maam.. hehehe! sakto jud ni tanan imong gi sulat...

  10. You just managed to make me smile sis :)
    So your attempt to make this entry fun did NOT fail ;)

    Our GT meme indeed is challenging all of us GT ladies to find the answers we seek deep in ourselves <3 I love how this meme brought me to all of you and how I can ventile all my feelings out, and nobody is judging me here for anything, but instead we all are supporting each other <3

    You are such an ispiration to me *hugs*
    Thank you for visiting my entry and leaving me such a meaningfull comment <3
    Have an amazing weekend, dearie! xoxo

  11. Makakunot ug agtang ang emotera.. Hahaha! Anyway, love your post, Certified Teacher jud:)

    Wla koy entry kay busy jud ko this week,.. maghimo nalang ko sunod hehehe!

    Happy Weekend:)

  12. Gustong ko tuloy mag-emote...hehe joke lang.

    Thanks for the comprehensive post sis. I've learned something today. Thanks for the visit. :)

  13. ako naman i cry in front of someone i trust. parang di ko feel magcry pag wala akong kashare. haha! pero cry baby din ako.

    tama. our experiences makes us stronger individuals emotionally. :)


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