Oh, how can this topic be like I’m on Dr. Phil’s show.

Dr. Phil: So, do you love yourself financially?
Vernz: No.

Dr. Phil: What made you say that?
Vernz: Because I can only run around my needs and not much of what I want?

Dr. Phil: How did you arrive at this situation?
Vernz: I used to do fulltime productive work, I used to spoil myself with lots of things this world can offer, but when I get married and bore a child, I made the most difficult decision ever in my life, with heavy heart I left my managerial job in exchange for a full-time reproductive job.

I received weekly allowance, let’s just call it that, this sounds less political than support from my husband, eventually I got bored and said I have to look for some ways to rust-guard my brain, although my husband has more than enough for my family’s needs and wants … not mine, LOL! So I accepted an offer to teach college, part-time, Waaaaah, I realized now bloggers are better off than teachers … don’t ever ask how much a teacher is receiving that’s an open secret. It made me buy a pizza on weekends though, and read some sweet words from my student’s evaluation sheets, so I’m comfortable with that.

But honestly, on a personal level who wouldn’t ask for more, yeah, blogging made me like an old dog learning new tricks and hope to make extras here, and I thank you all for supporting this blog in effect I might make some $.

But at the end of the day, I always assure myself, I’m still blessed than those I see everyday on streets begging and knocking my car window for food carrying along with them their children. Awwww, I’m teary-eyed… Dang! That’s enough!

Thanks Ladies, see you again next week at K’s Beauty Queen Gene for another round of Girls Talk.


  1. but nothing compares to the personal touch you are giving to your child...

  2. Wow a teacher-blogger :D that's a good start and it's better than no pizza on weekends.

  3. wow talaga ate... you gave up your job.. nah hapit na ko mi mag-kaanak te pero pero I can't give up my job k basi dli kasya ang sweldo sa ako bana.. hehehe unsaon na lang ako mga luho panalagsa..

    naa pud ko entry sa GT tey.. naa dri..

  4. hmm, the best part of it is you have the reason to leave the house and put your make-up on, hahaha..

  5. Correct Sis we are still lucky for not begging something for your survival, so cheers tayo dyan... being a part time teacher is a nice thing to do so keep it up Sis or should I say prof. hehehe

    Happy Girls Talk

  6. So funny how you started with the Dr. Phil bit :D It's always nice to have extra for our wants and wishlists, but you're right, we're still blessed if we have a home and can afford to eat (and afford to have an internet connection, haha).

    Here's mine:

  7. hehe.. good one, mine is up

    ya.. begging on street seen here but usually they are able to work type, there is job for handicapped is only if they want to work or not.

  8. I can relate to the "full-time reproductive job." hahaha

    It's nice to be able to peek at other people's financial habits. :) Here's mine.

  9. Hahaha, natawa ako sa post mo Ate, You must a fan of Dr.Phil...right? You are lucky , you can teach, you can blog, and the motherhood is a pleasure ba? hahaha! nahadlok noon ko sa imoha post basin di nako magmenyu hahaha! I like really your blog:)Happy GT

  10. are you a fan of Dr. Phil..hihi.. supporting your blog. hope to get more opps in the future.

  11. it's nice no? how a simple entry can make us realize how fortunate we are with our lives. good luck pala on getting more opps! we all need those ;)

    see you again next week! :)

  12. hehehe..i enjoyed reading your conversation with Dr. Phil. At least sis Vernz you are now a teacher, a blogger and a mother pa..oh di bongga..hehehe

    Go, Fight, Win bloggers..sana maraming opps..

  13. how very creative!don't you just love this month's theme? we start by complaining then end up appreciating what we have... happy GT! ;p

  14. muot ko sa imong entry te with! we are so blessed talaga te...buti ka nga...teacher na blogger pa...d bongga!

  15. wow knw i really love to teach...kaso since may kids mas pinili ko nlng yung real estate...dami nga nagsasdabi n bat d daw ako magturo ulet...actually gusto ko pa...=P

    Hays..."allowance" tama! allowance! ng mga bata! ahahaha un lang ang naibiigay sakin =))

    thnks for dropping by!

  16. thanks for the visit. it's good thing for you na meron kang pinaglilibangan and your own money to enjoy with.

  17. i love how sis josie intrepreted it... the best part is going out and putting your make-up on! hahaha!!! feeling ko yan lang ang gusto ko pag nag work ako... gusto ko lang ma feel na kahit papano eh presentable parin ako di gaya ng nasa house lang at maghapong nakapambahay... hehehe... more oppps for us! cheers!


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