Oh, gosh! This is what I hate with being a super mom, you’re only given 12 hours to come up with things you don’t know where to pull them…. Yeah, I got a short notice to come up with a custom any cartoon costume for my daughter’s school assignment. Heaven’s help! I know there are thousands of costumes available online but heck, it’s gonna be tomorrow.

I thought of Tinker Bell since it’s just easy to cut and sew like leaves around here, but the teacher said it should be Fiona, I thought it’s just easy, but making it is harder than I thought, wish people in the west can just hand in these Shrek Costumes over the PC and I’m done.

But that’s way too impossible got to wait for some time for that, meantime, got to sew this, Oh, I just love the color-lilac silk, thank God my mom taught me how to make a dress when I was younger. I can’t wait to see my daughter’s antics on stage wearing this. Oh! Wait, got another problem, how to do that green thing on the head … maybe headbands can do the trick? Maybe.

Tata, this woman has to finish this free rush project.


  1. Hi ate vernz!

    Apil aning Sizzling Hot Summer Promo for a chance to win $50.

    Isulat lang dayon nga ako ang referrer nimo, k? "Kayce" ako name didto. Thanks a lot Ate...

    God bless!

  2. That's a cool costume! Can't wait to see your daughter in it!

    I make my kids' costumes for school too, since usually some of them were impossible to find. Visit the D-I-Y projects on my page. You are right, a black thin headband would do the trick for the head dress. Good luck dear!



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