This is a long stalled post, but I owe it to my niece, Andrea who has turned 1 last week. The cousin parents had the children’s party held at Sea Urchin Restaurant here at the city. It was really a night of fun and enjoyment, the bubble show was a blast, parents coming with their little kids had to take extra careful because the floor got messy and it has became slippery and dangerous running around.

I was suggesting to have a luau party at first, since there are gorgeous luau invitations we can source online, and they are very attractive and I have bought a luau skirt earlier for my daughter which she used at one of her school presentations and I want her to wear that to the party, but it was too close to the date and its too late so, they went with what was earlier planned.

The food was overflowing, there were few guests who came than expected so stuffing stomach was not a problem. So dear Andrea, belated Happy Birthday.


  1. Looks like it was a merry and marvelous party, Vernz.. Happy birthday to Andrea :)

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    Mommy Mayonnaise

  2. Hello Risma, thanks for dropping by dear... just gone crazy over some stuff around here...

  3. wow! very nice kaayo ang birthday party ate!

  4. send my greetings to andrea girl hehehe nice party

  5. waaa...ka bongga kau ang bday celebration...abi ba nako ug kasal...ehehhehe!

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