I’m really fascinated with nail arts; I love to see how dainty a finger can look with different colors and styles. When I was still single I used to spend much on these, but things has changed now, I frequent my sink’s faucet so I think it’s impractical to have one that is used only to wash dishes, LOL.

Anyway, it is said that the first form of nail art has been traced back to India more than 5,000 years ago. The first known material used to decorate nails were “mehndi” or commonly known as “henna”. Modern nail arts can be seen everywhere now with different styles and color, but it was originally adapted from Indian ceremonies.

I know there can be variety of these arts around, but for a working mom this isn’t a practical thing to do, but for fashion savvy ones, you can have natural or artificial ones (acrylic nails and gel-based) and involves many different products, techniques and so on.

I know of someone that do complex and intricate nail art designs but it’s expensive. This one is the cheapest … LOL,
See how this art is perfected, fabulous!

Disclaimer: Photos not mine except for the first one.


zh3en22 said...

cool designs, i thought it was your nails mz.vernz ^_^

Rechie said...

wow cute nails arts pero I agree maam Vernz..expensive ang mga ito..mas ok ung nail art mo..

Sherry said...

yeah sis nail art expensive I dont do that so purchase only nail polish when on sale. but now no buy as still have nail polish.

Karen Chayne said...

nah mahal jud kaayo nang magpa nail art ate vernz oi.. magpa kana nalang imong nail art nga klase.. hehehe

charmie said...

nindot ang una mas ganahan ko simple pero rock, kanang imoha ate vernz! dili ko ganahan anang dghan art, hugaw tan-awon!

Dhemz said...

hahhaha...ka cute! ako sa una gamit te kay marker or dili ba kaha wipeout....nyahhahaha!

Unknown said...

Whoow! Pano ka makapaglaba niyan?

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