Begin each day with thoughts of peace. End each day with thoughts of peace. Continue thinking thoughts of peace throughout my precious day and happiness will be mine.

Yeah, I'm thinking of resigning from being a 'maam' still figuring out some things if blogging really can suffice my lost earning from teaching, lol, but to be honest I think I'm earning more from blogging than teaching, hahaha ... I think I should now take seriously those freelance jobs ... since Mr. G has for forgotten this blog and has not given it rank ... gee, I have been working my butt-out with this.. anyway.. patience is a virtue.


  1. Good luck, some tough decisions!

    Great shot! Looks like a good day to go shoeless!

  2. Good luck, and happy thinking...

    Mine is up as well at AussiePomm (View from my Office Window),

    have a great WW!!

  3. kung unsa imong desisyon ate eh di, suportahan taka... hehehe!

  4. a BIG-O decision....ayay! pag resign nalang ma'am...focus nalang sa blogging...ehehehe...dollars pa...nya no need na mag worry sa lesson plan...joke!


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