This maybe a cliché, talked over and over again but for a woman to be eternally beautiful, she should have a daintiness that radiates from within, more than any glittering ornaments, vitamins and other excruciating regimens, water plays a very important role in the totality of a well-dressed woman.

A woman’s body needs about two liters of water per day to function properly, but for those who are not used to drinking this much you will feel bloated, thus, it is advised to take in water in small quantities.

But if you still can’t here’s some tips on how to reach two liters without having noticed you have taken it:

Keep a bottled water, a hip flask, or a huge glass or mug that used to hold your coffee. Make sure your water is always fresh and clean, it can be purified ones done via Reverse Osmosis Water Filter or just any water filtration system that best suit you.

Always have back-up supplies everywhere: at work, your car, the gym locker or even in baby strollers while malling around.

At home, have a liter a day requirement, put it in a pitcher, it is heartening as you see the level go down throughout the day, it’s some sort of accomplishment.

Fool your cravings by having a glass of water instead of coffee or tea.

Follow a runway model’s trick by drinking water 1/2 hour before a long show to suppress appetite.

Don’t disregard red lights, sip your water while waiting for the green, have it handy while in line, reception rooms, walking, even at your pedis and manis session. Make it part of your day and it will become second nature to sip during idle time.

Drink cold water from your favorite and most valued wine glass.

So there, keep this cheap and readily available accessory handy, and you’re on your way to be the next best dressed woman.


  1. I do agree with you sis. Indeed this is an imformative post.
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  2. haguy, water sa english, tubig sa tagalog ug bisaya, danum sa ilocano, agua sa zamboangeno, vatten sa swedish...hahaha

    kadtong na UTI ko Vernz, giingnan lagi sa doctor nga iom ug 2 liters of water a day, nya di man jud ko tig-inom ug tubig, so lisod kaayo nako imnon ana ka daghan nga tudluan ko sa doctor unsaon nga maanad ko ug inom...akong gisunod, karon kaya na nako muinon ug 2 liters..pero na stop sad ako softdrinks.. hehehe

  3. Very nice review ate, medyo bihira na ako uminom ng tubig wahh, guilty as charged ako lol..


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