Davao City is home to many places where you can spend your vacation, your choice of beach fronts, mountain resorts, or just spend time at some posh hotels and spas within the city.

If you’re quiet angry with money, Pearl Farm Beach Resort is a perfect destination, but if you’re on a budget and still wanted to have that relaxing time, Paradise Beach Resort and etc. can be an option.

There are quiet a number of mountain resorts in the city with their numbers growing I lost count. But if you want to find out some you can drive uphill enjoying the breeze at the hillside of Mt. Apo or if you want to drive longer just to have a good time enjoying Davao’s countryside, there are upland resorts like Seagull Mountain Resort to spend time with after a long drive.

Everything is the best here, since Davao City is putting its best foot forward to attract as many visitors you can expect superior service and quality amenities for your chosen place to stay.

So pack your things now, remember to travel light! See you in Davao!

A view of Davao City from Jack's Ridge Resto

Just one of the things you can enjoy, mountain fishing... at Eden Nature Park

Or experience adrenalin rush... experience zip line

Nature Trekking at Philippine Eagle Center

Food is cheap and fresh in Davao

Just one of many beach resorts in the City


  1. ganda dito, sis ah. really something that the family would enjoy.

  2. wow, that's one big crab you got there :)

    Haist i quite agree, ganda nga talaga sa Pearl Farm- its one of those resorts back home na talagang world class ang quality.

    Happy New Year and more power to us girls here at GT.

    Here's my my entry.

  3. I'm a scaredy cat, but I'd love to try the zipline when I gather enough courage to do so.

    My entry

  4. sos kalami...hope someday maka laag unta ko diha puhon...:)

  5. mami quiet angry with money jud? hehehe nakatawa jud ko ug maayo diri vernz hehehe

  6. oh yes, girl! i heard a lot about davao. ang ganda! at ang naka-feature na crab ang laki ha! lol! Happy New Year!

  7. Yay, gusto ko magpunta jan sa Davao.... i-tour mo ako miss Vernz... I wanna go to Pearl Farm... hehe, oops... jan nga ba yung Pearl Farm?

  8. wow, grabe ang ganda! ang dami talagang mapapasyalan dito sa pinas!!!
    happy new year!!!

  9. Ang dami pa palang dapat ikutin sa Davao! hehehe! Happy New Year! :)

  10. saraaap! may kamag-anak kami jan e. i'll use that as an excuse para makapunta. hihihi.


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