Had I won the P700M lottery jackpot I could have gone to Prague with my husband and cross the Charles Bridge which is I think the best place to go with special someone, but I’m in no luck, sigh!

Anyway, my life has been evolving around my family, my classroom and my second world – blogging these days, thanks to blogging I have virtually gone to the best places on earth which will go perfectly well with a significant other.

Realistically, It’s a wish my heart makes to visit Prague, but for the time being while I’m still hoping against hope, I’m proud to suggest to drive up to the foot of Mt. Apo, an afternoon coffee on this glass topped iron table, embraced with misty dusk, with singing crickets at the background and seeing the flickering lights of  the city is so far the best place I have gone around town to go with special someone.
If you happened to be in Davao and want to spend time with your special someone uninterrupted, with refreshing view and an occasion to commune with nature, then consider Eden Nature Park. We had a real great time with my family when we were here sometime ago. We’re driving back here late after Christmas.

So there, join us every Thursday and listen to Girls talking sense. Just click on the pink badge. Sharing more romantic snapshots of the place.


  1. ganda naman jan vernz, looks like baguio, with all those mist, sarap magcamping jan...

  2. Lahi pud tong Eden ni Quiboloy? I have been to Davao pero wa ko kaanha. Is it true you have to schedule first before ka makasulod sa paraiso ni Quiboloy?

  3. this is soo beautiful! my grandmother visited this place on September.

    btw, i have another give away on my blog and I would like to invite you.

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  4. such a lovely place...close to nature....:) next time te kuyog ko...ehehehe!

    tuod, wala pako nimo tagae sa imong home address...hope you can email it to me...pretty please...ehehehhe!

  5. Oh I love Eden nature Park! Been there for a wedding once. Truly, once back to nature trip. My husband and I kept on telling each other that we will definitely go back. :)

  6. my colleagues at work went there last summer when they spent their holiday in Pinas, and they told me ang ganda nga dyan. One of them even plans to hold her son's wedding there.

    Happy GT :) here's my entry

  7. wow look like nice place, about lottery I have no luck too. I won before lottery believe it is only USD$1 better than nothing.

  8. aww, ang ganda naman dyan. sana makapunta rin ako dyan minsan.

    My GT entry is here

  9. ang ganda namn.. dito yan sa Pinas? mahanap nga yan at maisama ng list to go to ko... good thing of this meme naish-share yung mga best places..

    Happy GTI'm Back

  10. ang ganda ng place. sana mapasyalan din namin yan. mahilig kami sa parks very relaxing kase ang fresh air and greens.

    my entry is here sis...

  11. WOW! i love nature, so i surely would love this place..

  12. being near nature is one of the best ways to spend time with your special someone, i have to completely agree!


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