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Few days left before we finally celebrate Christmas, though in the Philippines Christmas is celebrated as early as ‘ber’ months sets in and will culminate up to when you want to tear down your decorations by January the next year, right, probably the longest Christmas celebration in the world.

But for Catholic faithfuls, more than the reunions of families, preparing the best of the season set on dinner tables are expected during this celebration. Best kept recipes done, best linens out, best table centerpieces made, best wines served, for this year rose wine can be a very fitting mate to my well done steak.

Blush wines can add character to your Christmas eve drama, so why not elaborate it a little more and hand some to your uncles and aunts, friends and relatives, you can order rose wine by the case and have it home delivered. Have a great Christmas everyone. Thank you for dropping by.


  1. yeah I remember this one way way before, and we tried it. Uhmmmm

    BTW girl bat di ko na ma open ang anything davao. dinilete mo na ba yun?

  2. Blush wines on christmas can really add flavour in celebration.I will surly use this idea and will share my experiences soon.Great post you have shared.


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