Admittedly at 38, I never use eye glasses before even with reading, my naked eye served me well right, but when I started blogging, I never thought I would be visiting an Optometrist for the first time. Glad the eye doctor was my husband’s High School friend, we were given generous discount. Since then, I never had let go of my reading glasses anymore, I felt like there’s always an earthquake, a giddy feeling which drives me crazy, the doctor said it’s a normal reaction of a body’s system when something is wrong.

Well, I’m satisfied with my specs, it’s a bit pricey, I mean the frame, but it’s what suits me best, so I grabbed it.

Anyway, if you’re planning to get a specs for yourself, there are actually quality prescription glasses online which you can try on, you can take advantage of the 'frame fit' technology where you can try on glasses even online. This will save you time going to your Opto’s office. So what are you waiting for try on one now!


  1. oh yes naa pud ko ani te in pink color... hahaha! pastilan di napud nako makaya mag sigeg atubang sa computer kung wala ning akong eyeglass..waaaaaaaaah! haguy wa na! unsaun nga addict man... nyahahah!

  2. na ako te naa nako glasses since HS...until ron pero d man ko ganahan ug suot...pero sige na labad ako ulo...pa check up lagi ko this weekend puhon.


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