For the last 11 years, I would say, I am a faithful of grocery stores, slight difference in prices I would know, new products on the shelf I would know too. In those years, the only man-specific product that I would usually pick on the shelf was my husband’s after-shave cream. He used astringents too but he only shares from my bottle as there were no products that were labeled specifically for men, it has been like that until the last quarter of 2010.

For the longest time, Marxist Feminists has been struggling to overthrow Capitalism as the root of women’s exploitation and subjugation to eventually liberate women, researches, advocacies, fora, education or anything of this sort was widely operated to sow awareness. But the way I look at it, the move was like bashing a tip of an iceberg unfazed even with the threat of global warming.

Now, looking at it from same Marxist Feminists perspective, I think this Capitalist Patriarchy has chomp on his own bait, it’s not just women now that has been targeted and under attack. From the looks of it, this is just the beginning of more slicing of men’s ribs to embed a six-pack abs, inserting needles under the skin to reduce their beer belly, injecting silicon or whatever you call it to augment a man’s butt-take the case of John Estrada-the actor. Men lying beside me in a derma house having his face plucked and vacuumed too.

The potential of the flip-side of beauty industry (men’s beauty/grooming) is so promising to the capitalists.

Whatever the future brings to the beauty industry that was then of women, now men are getting a share of it … is worth a 100-page research study at least to the academic community. Anybody interested to conduct research on this, let me know of the findings.


Chubskulit Rose said...

Kailangan din kasi na mabango at good looking ang mga lalaki hehehe

Dhemz said...

whoaaaaa.....mabuang ko! hygienic na diay ang mga lalaki ron...ehehehhee!

Unknown said...

LOL! you crack me up, Vernz! and so true, whenever i get a facial, there is always a guy getting one, too. same with foot spa and pedicure. my [male] cousin's beauty regimen is stringent than mine.:p

i didn't know John Estrada got a collagen injection! i was next in line to him at an ATM machine a few years ago, and he's good-looking, pero wala nga butt.:p sabi nga ni Dra. Belo, nowadays, if you're "ugly", it's your own fault! LOL

Carletta said...

I wonder if the men are buying these products or woman are the real purchasers for them. :)

Have a wonderful blue Wednesday.
Carletta@ Round The Bend

4 Lettre Words said...

It's funny isn't it, tho I agree with Carletta. Women are still the most likely target with these products. :)

Dianne said...

I guess it's about time that men took a turn at obcessing over their appearance ;)

Carol said...

What an interesting post! Nice blues.

Suburban Girl said...

Interestingly my husband has no interest. Why can't women be so easy to please?

PS. My PC is back and working! :)

Unknown said...

interesting insight. I have not thought about it much. I think it depends on the person and how happy they are in their own skin.

Jim said...

I buy the generic. :) It's generally more on the retired person's budget than the newer stuff.

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